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  1. Checking it further I had to have all cross sections open for all to reverse
  2. Thanks for your response Just tried it again in X11 and it seems to have flipped all ok
  3. I have a completed plan the builder wants reversed I can flip the plan no problem but the sections flip but the notes or the auto detail does not Am I missing something or is that just the way it is Thanks for your help in advance
  4. By the way I have everything updated as for as I know
  5. This started as soon as I brought a plan into chief 9 The upgrades I made have made a large difference Usually I do not have that many tabs open I was just seeing how far I could go Still do not understand the tabs versus window issue I am in the habit of using the window instead of thetabs but learning to use the tabs (old dog new tricks) Thought maybe this might help others having the same issue Thanks for all you replies and help
  6. Has same issues Updated video card to gtx1060 (all I could go with changing the power supply) This helped some This weekend I put a ssd drive in which really helped The only thing I have not figured out is I can have 7 open screens with floor plan elevations overview and sections etc ( trying overload it) Using the tabs works great but I try the window button to change screens it will slow down and usually change to screen I have not clicked on Maybe the problem is my mouse (Logitech wireless) but I would think it would do the same in the tabs??
  7. It appears to be not properly changing views I have floor plan open, cross section open full overview and elevation cross section When I go to the window button and hit floor plan it may come up with the section or one of the other views open It seems to go where it wants ?????? I updated the mouse driver Logitech m215 Any thoughts Thanks
  8. I just tried it again, first try from floor plan to overview and back Message serious error SEH contact technical support I have received this message several time in x9 but not in x8
  9. I have attached 2 files, both with the same issue Only 2 I have tried in X9 Thanks 8621 Hume Lever Rd.plan Peggy Lane Ranch.plan
  10. Need Help Chief V9 Working on a new plan only 2828KB at this time (garage add to an existing Manufactured home) When I change from the floor plan to the Overview or back clipped section view it take longer as I work more on the plan it will take minutes to change and eventually locks up. I did not have this issue with Chief V8 HP Envy intel I7-4770 @3.40 GHZ 64 bit windows 10 32 GB ram GeForce GT640/PCI Open GL shows 3.3.0 with 4095 GB video memory