Limited Brick Libraries

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Hi all.  Finding very limited brick libraries in materials.  Could really use more options. Thanks

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Are you making a suggestion, a comment, or ...

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11 hours ago, DRAWZILLA said:

Try this site, it's pretty good for textures,



I downloaded this tool some time back and it is great; some of the best seamless brick textures I have found. They do not, of course, have all brick designs, just their Acme products. That said, their selection is quite large. One of the greatest things it does is allow you to change the color of the mortar on the fly from several color variations. You can then build several course styles, such as running bond, and save the image as the texture. Very easy to use and the price is right.

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I have downloaded this app but cant find how to import/open an elevation to edit.... would you be available to help me walk thru the first drawing.  My phone is 330 878 7037.  I am in Ohio.  If I cant answer I would call you back.  Thanks 

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I put some brick textures from West Australia on the symbols and content section of the site a few weeks ago, some of which might be useful.

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