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How to calculate Material quanitities (area)

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Hello Friends


I am using Chief Architect Interior X9.

I have few questions regarding material quantity, is there any CA options that can easily give below quantity numbers.


1) How do I calculate sqaure feet (area) of plywood/wood used in a furniture ?


2) I want to calculate wall area that needs to be painted, How do I calculate area of wall inside a room ?


3) If I have applied wallpaper/wall covering on certain wall, how do I calculate square feet (quantity) of wallpaper used ?


Instead of manually calculating areas of such items, is it possible to get them in button click. When you design you select & give dimension to these materials, so CA has all this information. How do I get these numbers out ? It doesn't make sense to calculate them manually.


Please suggest



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I believe you will have to do it manually. If you had premiere then you could use macros to do some of what you want.

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I assume Interior doesn't have Material List tool.

If you had Premiere, you could do all of want you want with the Materials List.

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