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Garage Door Panels

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How do you use these garage door panels?  They are individual you have to use them to create a new door "door symbol"?


When you select one to be the garage becomes one single "distorted" panel...not a multi-panel as you would suspect it would. 


- Is there a simple raised panel garage door in the library?  I can't seem to find one.


Garage Door Panels.png


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Never mind...I figured it out.  I had placed a door from the "coachman Collection"...and then I tried to replace the door using the "door dbx"...clicking "library".  Well...that does not work.  


In order to use the panels as a garage door...just click on the panel you want and place the door into the wall.  Voila!  Works as designed....

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1 minute ago, Joe_Carrick said:


Set the # of panels in the Garage Door dbx

Garage Door Panels.JPG


Thanks Joe...I had not seen that menu item.  Appreciate the help!

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