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Hi Folks,

I am pretty sure this is doable but for the life of me I can't figure out how.

We are trying to do a full size mock up of a vanity/sink/faucet layout and I need to print a Kohler undermount sink template full size.

I've downloaded the DXF, imported it into Chief and when I go to print the best I can do is 1/2 scale, obviously no help.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

My big plotter is out of commission right now so we are going to print to 11x17 and tape it together.

Chief X7, Windows 10

Thanks in advance, Mike


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8 minutes ago, Capehouse said:

Thanks Alaska!

I will give it a try.

I was printing direct from file, not from layout.



In that case...


1.  Make sure to draw some extra lines outside your template area (perhaps an entire border) just to make sure the whole thing is included in the print job.

2.  Under Drawing Sheet Setup change the scale to 1 to 1.

3.  Again...Print To Scale

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