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    • By Doug-ib
      As you can see, on the Left of the house the joist are in pairs of 3-4 in some areas even though i set the O.C to 24". anyone know what might be causing this? and any solutions. 

    • By Doug_N
      I have a strange problem with floor joists on this project.  Once again a client-supplied file that I have made lots of adjustments to, but when I generate floor joists each room on the second floor generates a rim joist around it, and the joists go all over the place.
      Here is a view of the first floor prior to generating joists.
      And here is the view of automatically generated joists 
      Note the seemingly random direction of joists in closets and in some floor panels.  Why is the program generating floor joists around each second floor room?
    • By WhistlerBuilder
      Hi Chiefers,
      I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips about why Chief might be ignoring joist directions for floor joists and bearing lines. My software is changing the direction some times and not others, and is changing it on one floor, then ignoring all joist direction specifications on all the other floors. The project file is massive, (2 tower lowrise project) and not suitable to upload.

      Any tips welcome.
    • By Kiwideziner
      has something changed ? I tried to manually place a floor joist for a first floor but each time it would only draw ceiling joists. I dont recall having any problems in previous versions.
      as a fix I would accept the ceiling joist then change it to floor joist layer and manually adjust the height.
      I also had a similar problem the other week with a single story timber framed floor. This was usually simple to place manually