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Does anyone know why this is happening?  The scale on dimensions jumps all out of whack on the layout sheet (see Capture 1)  I can temporarily fix the layout sheet by opening one of the linked details and then closing it...all of the linked details then update and look ok on the layout page ( see Capture 2).  This keeps happening on this layout page only.  Any Ideas? It's driving me nuts. This is in X9 by the way.






Capture 1.JPG

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Now that you bring this up, I remember that I had angular dimensions do that to me once before as well.  It showed up for a very short period on a plan I was using to make a quick tutorial video and then never showed up again.  I'll often just start a new plan between takes if I screw something up and I'm pretty sure I just started a new plan and all was well.  Anyway, the problem showed up and disappeared so quickly that it didn't really cause me any notable problems and so I guess I figured it was some kind of fluke and I never reported it.  Richard is right though.  It should prolee be reported.

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Happens to me all the time with angular dimensions. Sometimes the problem shows up in plan, other times in layout, other times not until I print. Very frustrating. I've quit using angular dimensions; now I draw an arc, put arrows on the end, and use text to call out the angle.

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