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  1. Crashes on startup today, Worked great yesterday. Anyone else having this issue? I have submitted a bug report.
  2. Thanks, Glenn & Chopsaw, the two doors at same location worked great
  3. Does anyone have, or know how to create an inswing exterior door with an out-swing storm or screen door?
  4. Thanks, I'll give that a try and see if it works any better.
  5. I typically insert pdf's of details from the manufacturer's in my CD's which really slows down my system. Is there a better format that I could convert to that would be more efficient in chief(PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF) without losing quality?
  6. I haven't been able to get X-11 to start after the latest automatic update to windows. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've tried the installer repair tool but have not done a complete re-install. Any suggestions?
  7. I discovered that I had "Show All Layers" checked in the settings drop down and that caused me the problem.
  8. Is anyone else experiencing problems with Active layer display options not working on X11 Build I'm finding that I see the full layer set in the Active Layer Display Options dropdown no matter what I have selected in the open drawing.
  9. Thank you!!! That solved the problem.
  10. I'm having an Issue with plumbing fixture callout labels generated by a fixture schedule appearing on the cabinet label layer when the fixture is in a cabinet as opposed to being on the fixture label layer. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. I'm having issues with notes in camera view. I'm able to place the note in a camera view but the note callout doesn't appear in the view. The "Text, Notes" layer is on with a solid line type and the color is black. Am I missing something or is this a bug I need to report? My Note schedule is in a CAD Detail and I also tried to add the schedule to the camera view, also without success.
  12. Does anyone have a door indicator lock that they would be willing to share? Thank you!
  13. Does anyone know why this is happening? The scale on dimensions jumps all out of whack on the layout sheet (see Capture 1) I can temporarily fix the layout sheet by opening one of the linked details and then closing it...all of the linked details then update and look ok on the layout page ( see Capture 2). This keeps happening on this layout page only. Any Ideas? It's driving me nuts. This is in X9 by the way. Thanks, Fred
  14. Does anyone have, or know where I can get, an apron front / farmhouse sink that is cabinet based?
  15. Can anyone tell me how to get my Library Browser Back? Here is the issue. I had the browser open on a second monitor in the office when I shut down my laptop, now that I'm 2,000 miles away with only my laptop my Library browser is still parked on the now non-existant second monitor. How do I get it unparked without having a second monitor? X7 - Windows 8.1
  16. I find that every jurisdiction is different based on the language in the zoning code.
  17. If you have 7, 8 or 8.1 it will be a free upgrade to windows 10 for the first year.
  18. Thanks to all of you!! It appears that this wold be a simple fix for CA on a future release. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  19. Plan Attached, Suggestions welcome
  20. Canuk, I tried that but unfortunately, it didn't work for me.
  21. Yep ... at least in X7 The Joist size is correct in the dbx but not on JDL
  22. Is anyone else having issues with labeling on Joist Direction Lines? I have 1 3/4" x 11 7/8" I joist and the label says 2x12.