Dimension Line Multiple Copy


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    • By kylejmarsh
      I have never, and still today can't figure it out, been able to get the 'Alt' / 'Alternate' behaviour to work in the multiple copies dialog. I wonder if this is because I'm a Mac User? Does anybody else use this alternate offset/copy distance?
      Here is the dialog to refresh your memory. Theoretically we can use this Secondary Offset to change the spacing.

      But I've never been able to get it to work - either by holding the Alt button or using the right click.
      Here's what the Manual says:

      Is this something that others are using, and if so how do I unlock it's power?
    • By Candice_Leff
      Hi CA universe-
      I am a new user (first run at the software was at the CA Academy in September), and I am having trouble understanding how to set up the multiple copy feature. My goal is to offset an object 1-1/2" apart with 20 copies of the primary object. 
      In playing with the feature, I can only seem to get a solid block (with no offset space between my objects). I have tried in Plan View, Elevation View, and 3d. No success in any. 
      Any direction is greatly appreciated. 
    • By CRHDesign
      Hi there. In the image below, you can see that the line arrows are only showing up on the exterior walls, while the interior walls have no arrows (the slash). Is there a way to make the line arrows show up at each segment of the dimension? The dimension was made with the manual dimension tool.

      A visual example of what I'm looking to do: