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is there a way to add some different side types to the cabinet Specification?


If I go to Cabinets Specs/Front/Sides/Back you get a drop down for side and a drop down for side type.  I would like to adda side type.  We call out "Toned Sides" next to all appliances and would like to add this.



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There's no way to do this currently.  What exactly is "Toned"?


You can however edit the "Comments" field in the "Components" dbx and that will appear in the Schedule.  Note that if you subsequently edit the Cabinet the Comment will be removed and you'll have to enter it again. 

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"toned" is where they spray finish either on the side(s) and/or under a wall cabinet without doing s flush finished side/end/bottom and is a no cost item for us.  we just need to tell then where we want it. So I typically do it around the appliances and under all wall cabinets


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Where do you want the information to show up in your final drawings?

If you want it in the schedule then this can work.

I'm most often placing that kind of information into a separate columns in the schedule. One for mods and accessories, the other for sides. Both those columns are for user defined sub categories. User defined sub categories will be persistent, not change if the cabinet itself is altered.

The downside is that the text must be entered in the "components list" for the cabinet (set up a keyboard shortcut to get at the components list.

To ease the pain I save some cabinets for each brand in my user library. Most are there to allow for specific labels and face configurations and the appropriate label but I keep one standard base and one standard wall cabinet there as well. The standards just eliminate the extra steps of having to add those user defined sub categories to each cabinet that needs it. In your case I'd be saving one plain wall and one that had "toned bottom" already added. Again this will be persistent so you can edit the cabinet all you want.

Attached a pic showing the steps and a quick plan with the results (note I normally place the cabinet schedule in a CAD detail and keep it as part of each template)

This is all thanks to Yoda up there...


Edited to add- to make all this worth the trouble use it for all cabinet mods, be sure to use either a comma or a semi colon between each mod (we use semi colons most often)

You can keep the codes themselves in a spreadsheet or table somewhere to copy from


Once your schedule is complete- select it and then copy. I often leave out columns that I won't need for my order

Then open a spreadsheet and use "paste special" unformatted text. When the DBX opens select either comma or semi colon as seperators DO NOT select merge delimiters.

You can now drag copy the codes to cells in a spreadsheet order, or to a window in an online ordering system (works for one of the ones I use) and in some cases if you still use 2020 for ordering can be dragged into the lower window there to access the mod.


Sub cat plan.plan

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