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Foamboard Layout Plan of 3d models

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I may be mistaken because its been a few years, but didn't CA have a way of creating a layout sheet for making a foam board model of your design? Seems that there was....(like I said I may be mistaken)its been quite sometime.

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best to print to PDF first or you can waste lots of paper



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    • By KTKArch
      So I just returned from a demonstration of current high tech and its use in the future of home design.
      I must say, Point Clouds from laser scans are the way to go.
      Sure the high end is 1/4 million $ scanners and drones/aircraft. But even a $75K backpack scanner at the right resolution will take a 6-hour site measure and office drafting time down to a 30-minute walkthrough/around and 1 - 2 hours in the office for 3D overlay.
      Can't put out $75K...hire it out and markup 3rd party's price for the walkthrough. You not only get the building but the topography as well. Fences, trees, and neighboring buildings will get picked up. Great for landscaping and the all-important tree schedule. You will be able to simply measure tree trunks at whatever height the local jurisdiction requires from the comfort of your desk.
      If you find any boundary markers. Put a recognizable 3D item over them to locate them in the point cloud. Want to verify the scale of the point cloud? Measure one or more items that you can verify later and scale as needed. Better resolutions reduce and eliminate this but dramatically increase your file size.
      So a good scan will be within a 1/2" of accuracy and you know those pesky double-thick interior walls you can't get to? Or that one that goes off at an angle or stairs that follow a curving wall. No guessing the radius or if there are multiple slopes on the roof. Its all in the point cloud at less than half the time and cost of hand measuring.
      Still can't 'see' it? Watch when the countertop installer measures up the next kitchen with one. The countertop fits like a glove after a simple scan is fed into the CNC machine. If the countertop installer can make it work we can too. 
      So Chief Architect, when are you going to simplify importing point clouds into CA?
    • By Yessi1021
      I am hoping you can help with the completion of a model I've begun but I am unable to complete, please feel free to call me if you're interested at 707.927.3652 (Brick & Mantel) my name is Yessenia - I've imported a CAD file and modeled a rendering off of it in Chief Architect but now need help building the Roof. 
      If you can let me know if this is something you are willing and able to do and if so what time and cost would look like? 
      Thanks for your time!

    • By EastLake_Design
      Hello Chief Pros,
      Old dog here who hasn't learned all the new tricks...I have a pretty well rendered 3D home that I need a 3D model for the Design Review Board (quick) and I have no time or desire to learn how to do such a thing at this point. I'm a good designer, but CAD is not my forte, I basically do workarounds for all the stuff I don't know - yikes, I know.  
      I still need to drop in a terrain perimeter and significant trees, but it's very close.
      So, it anyone out there is game to try working on this for me, hit me up!
      Thanks much!
      BNP 1.1.pdf
    • By Designers_Edge
      Is there a secret to downloading a 3D model from the Kohler website?  I have the choice of downloading the 3D model in either DWG or DXF.  When I choose to download the file, I am not able to "save" it, rather I am only offered the opportunity to open it with the application.  When I choose Chief I get only the option to import as a CAD file.  So.......does that mean I can not import symbols from this website too??
      I know that Chief for the iMac CAN NOT use anything from sketchup in the 3D Warehouse- skp files etc..  I have always had a PC and enjoyed being able to download plumbing, appliances etc. for my clients projects.  I am finding this very frustrating with the iMac version of Chief.  While the library is nice, it does not support many of the items I need.  
      What do other iMac users do?   Thanks for your help.
      Sharon Olsen X7 for iMac
      kohler import.tiff