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Hi Chiefs, 


So I have this project, it is an as-built of a three story house. The top floor is unfinished and I was asked to make a framing plan for it. The good news is that I have some good photographs of what exists there (some are posted below), the bad news is I have very little experience working with the framing tools in CA and this one seems fairly complex.


As you can see in the sideways picture (sorry) there is a dormer above this room. Now that I am looking at it I can see it is too wide a dormer, but I really need to know how to make the ceiling / floor framing populate for the area around the dormer. I thought I might make another floor level above the current top floor, and have the framing for that floor built. (Is ceiling framing even a thing in CA?) 


I would also appreciate some tips on how to approach the framing in general for this plan, if there are any glaring issues someone might notice from my pictures, and anything I can do to make this a little easier a process.


Thanks so much!



P.S. More pictures available upon request!





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Not sure what your total involvement in this project is but there looks to be several issues with the structure.

The header at the dormer looks too small and so do the rafters.

In general the rafters look to small for the spans I see and certainly to get proper insulation and ventilation.

Hard to tell what else from the pics but I would guess there are other concerns- may be a good idea to get an engineer involved.


As for drawing the framing in CA you may be able to auto generate a good portion of the members and then go back and manipulate the remainder manually.

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Are you talking about the information from the pictures being structurally unsound?

This was a job done by a previous contractor, with a previous owner, previously. Im pretty sure I am just reporting what is there for the engineer so we can see what we can do. 


Editing manually right now in CA, getting the hang of it but as you can see it is quite the undertaking. 


Thank you for the insight, I will keep it in mind moving forward!

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The key to relationally correct framing is first:

1. Set all applicable floor platform thickness per floor (Make sure they are correct)

2. Set ceiling heights per floor

3. before building roofs make sure that the default settings for roof planes as well as on their "Structure Tab" is preset to how you are going to build, only then would you build roofs

4. Then recheck to make sure Chief is actually following your commands and settings, correct and rebuild framing as necessary.

5. Then you manually edit the auto-framing so it suits your desires


Chief just fills in the spaces you create in the thickness of roof planes and the thickness of floor platforms, it does not do anything else, so if your spaces are set correctly and your defaults are set properly you will then get what you expected to get, but NOT otherwise.



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Thanks alot DJP, 


I got to a pretty good place with the auto framing. I am trying to do some of the tricky stuff now. 


I was wondering if you know a way to miter or flatten some of the automatically created framing members many of the wall framed 2x4's are slightly mitered, and I dont like it.  


Thanks again for the assistance!




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