Roof plan remodeling Issue

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I have a small remodeling I am doing. drawn exising floor plan and new floor plan.

Need help on new addtion floor plan roof, w/o messing up the exsiting floor plans roof.


I would appreciate any help.





Windows 10, Chief x8


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Newel, draw your new roofs manually in a "proposed plan". Have the existing plan be an "existing plan".

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Newel, I'll try looking at your plan this afternoon and see if I can help. I would do the new roof manually so as to not touch your existing roofs. I however have no idea what type of roofs you want.

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I'm not sure if this is what you trying to do. What I did is go Build Roof- Check Make roof baseline PolyLines, Change to Roof Layer set and adjust existing Roof PolyLines as you want them to go. After you done, select Build Roof and it will rebuild according to your roof PLines


Here is the plan.

Garrow Remodeling

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