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Importing Picture into layout

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I am super confused about inserting / importing images inside layout.

For example

I have a picture image-test.jpg, 1200 x 840 pixel . image attached.

If I open new layout & insert image-test.jpg. FILE->IMPORT->IMPORT PICTURE (BMP,JPG,PNG)

As seen in 1.jpg, image is overlapping label box of my layout.

In a fresh new empty layout, if I zoom out one level. Layout window looks small in size, check 2.jpg

Now if insert image-test.jpg here, it overlaps complete layout, see image 3.jpg, infact image-test.jpg is almost double the size of layout window.

I am aware that it is possible to pull/push corner & re-size image, so that it fits in to layout window, but is that right thing to do ?

Do I loose quality/clarity of image if I re-size it to fit in-to layout size ?

What is best practice of importing picture into layout window?





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A picture is most likely imported in GDI units compatible with the display scalefactor = 1.0.  Picture size is identical no matter what scale layout box is displayed.


If you do not want your picture distorted scale it using a corner handle (vs sides).

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yes, insert then resize as needed


I use Chief Layout instead of Powerpoint to create all my

historical presentations and interpretative signage etc


you can use side handles to crop the image as needed


you can do the same with PDF's


I have attached a layout that uses 8 PDF's for my family's historical timeline

on the Niagara Frontier for the 18 sites and events they were involved in




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