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CAD Details and Save As

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I broke down and sent in my order for a Windows 10 Desktop, and sadly I will be saying good bye to Windows XP, along with Cheif V10(A).

Now it's time to upgrade Chief but can anyone tell me if CAD details in the latest version of Chief can be saved in alphabetical order as opposed saving them in the order they were created as in Chief 10?


As for "Save As", for years I have been muttering obscenities under my breath at the way Chief will save a plan.....especially one that has evolved over the weeks, months, or even years.  Does the latest version still require you to save every single file you ever drew in the same directory with the layout so that when you open a layout you get the complete opposed to a list every file that is "not present" in the layout?  Having committed the unforgivable sin of deleting some of my older files, I find a lot of my layouts are incomplete and a lot of redrawing time is involved.  I could never understand why Chief did not capture every file  in one place, scrub it clean of its former locations and then make it a part of a fresh, stand alone plan/layout.




Ed Orum

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1.  CAD Details can be renamed in the Project Browser.  They will appear in alphabetical order.

2.  Plan Views from any folder can be sent to a Layout in any folder.  The Layout Box has a Link to the location it was sent from.  For the main Plan, it's a good idea to have the Layout in the same folder.

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I prefer to keep name of plan and layout the same at all times


such as 1234_ELM_REMOD_X8.plan and 1234_ELM_REMOD_X8.layout


then as often as needed (sometimes every few minutes) I do save as

to create backups


for the backups I add date/time and my initials (my partner adds his)


1234_ELM_REMOD_160704_LBX8.plan etc


then another save as for the main name again


doing a double save as takes seconds


gives me total control over the plan and layout which always stay connected

and my backups as needed



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