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Not sure what you are asking

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take a menu image and apply to a polyline solid like a material



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Placing Images

A selection of Images are available in the Library Browser. Select one and click in a floor plan view, camera view or overview to place it. See Placing Library Objects.

Creating Images

Custom Images can be added to the Library Browser, as well as created in plan files. Chief Architect can use any image with a *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.tif, *.pcx, or *.tga extension.

Generally, .png files work best as Images because this format has good compression and allows for the Image to contain transparency information.

To create an Image in floor plan view

1. In floor plan view, select Build> Image> Create Image or Billboard Image to open the Image Specification dialog. See Image Specification Dialog.

2. On the Image panel:

• Click the Browse button to select a picture file on your computer or enter the path to a valid picture file in the Image File field.

• Select a 2D Plan Symbol from the drop-down list or click the Library button and select a CAD block or symbol from the library. The selected symbol represents the image in floor plan view. See Image Panel.

• Specify the Size and Position of the image.

3. Specify transparency information on the Transparency panel.

4. Click OK to close the Image Specification dialog.

5. Click to place the new Image in floor plan view.

To create an image in the Library Browser

1. In the Library Browser, right-click on an unlocked folder.

2. Select New> Image from the contextual menu to open the Image Specification dialog.

3. Browse to the image file you want to add and select your other options. See Image Specification Dialog.

4. Once created, the image is listed in the library folder that you right-clicked on. Size and other data is saved.

Using Paste Image

You can also import an image by first copying it to the system clipboard, then navigating to a Chief Architect window and selecting Edit> Paste> Paste from the menu, or by using the Screen Capture tools. See Paste Special and Creating Screen Captures.

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