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  1. I didn't.... The app said I was up to date, but found there was a newer version online. Thanks!
  2. Huh.... I don't have that menu option on my Mac... I have the most up to date version. I'll have to contact support
  3. I don't seem to have the General category showing on my material list in X13. When I open the Material List Specification DBX, it shows that the general tab should be displayed, but its not there... When I select just the General category I get a blank material list. Any ideas where I can get wall/window and door areas now? Or what I might be doing wrong? Thanks Brad
  4. I did end up talking to CA tech support. They confirmed that CA for Mac fully supported the 3DConnexion mouse. I ended up buying one and am using it on a daily basis. The mouse is a little touchy and takes some practice but works well. It also works with Safari and many program on MacOS.
  5. I am considering buying a Spacemouse to use with CA on my Mac. Their website says it works with the Windows version but no mention of MacOS. Anyone using one? What’s your experience with it? Thanks Brad
  6. Hi Belinda, I saw your posting on the CA forum. We are a registered design firm in the parry sound area. We use CA exclusively for our designs. We have worked in the past with other interior designers. We currently have the capacity to take on additional CA work. You can see examples of some of our work and design on our web site - If you’re interested in seeing more, I can send you links to a couple of our recent construction drawings.
  7. Hi all, I guess this isn't really a CA issue, but more a business related question.... We have always made it a policy not to share our .plan or .layout files with clients. Same goes for DWG or DWF files. We provide printed and PDF copies of our drawings only. The rationale is that someone with these work files could take our design, modify them and either submit them for permit with information we didn't provide or modify them and use them (incorrectly) for another build. We have a client that we designed a major renovation - a complete gut and rebuild. Their HVAC engineer is asking for the drawings in DXF format... I have said no repeatedly. Am I wrong to decline to send these files? What are the thoughts of those in the business? Thanks all Brad
  8. Hi Alex, we are a registered design firm in Ontario and would be interested in speaking with you regarding your design. Please feel free to call or contact me electronically. Brad Moore Harmony Design and Renovation 888-273-6682
  9. Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to do an arched soldier course of brick and an arched top aluminum trim around a rectangular window (like the attached photo). I've search through the settings and nothing jumps out at me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Brad
  10. Hi Jennifer, I sent you an email regarding this. Brad Moore Harmony Design and Renovation 1-888-2RENOVATE
  11. Hi, I am designing a cottage on a lot that has been stripped of all its trees and topsoil. I have a plan to place the cottage and bring in fill to modify the terrain to me our needs. I have taken numerous elevations on the lot and can do a terrain plan with the existing elevations, but I would like to be able to display both the existing terrain and the modified terrain. Is this possible?
  12. Thank you! I was trying to draw muntins across the entire mulled unit. Never thought to do it for each window and go directly to the window to add it.
  13. I'm trying to create custom craftsman style muntins in a broken arch window. I followed the directions I found (draw CAD lines, make a CAD block, click the window), but I can't find a "Load Muntins" button anywhere. It doesn't show up in Help. I thought I could force it to be added to the toolbar, but I can't find it when I try to modify the toolbars. Is it gone? I have the muntins showing in my elevation and perspective overviews, but I'd like them to show in my window schedule. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Brad