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  1. I use dropbox as my cloud service provider. I use a macbook pro and desktop pc to access the files from dropbox. No issues at all. I think your issue might be the sever your using. The cloud is the cloud and you should be able to access files from anywhere or anything. If you can access other file types between the two computers then idk. Good luck!
  2. How much does the Asus weigh? I know that you mentioned that you wanted light weight. I carry my macbook with me everywhere and its 3.5 pounds. After a while it gets heavy. I had to sacrifice the size/performance of the 15" for function and got the 13" because I always need a computer with me. I used to carry a heavier laptop around in college so I knew weight becomes an issue.
  3. I use a 13" macbooc pro. Integrated graphics suites my needs just fine. One thing to not is that the OS's power management will slow graphic intensive task down when running on battery power. Just be plugged in when doing 3d models.
  4. I didn't know what a boolean operation was. I assumed it had something to do with true or false. Thanks though I appreciate it.
  5. Thanks all! Johnny's solution worked best for me.
  6. I'm going after what Mark posted. I'll watch Glenn's video and follow up. Thanks!
  7. I'm having trouble creating a half tapered column. I managed to create a split rectangle column but can't to seem to figure out the best approach to do the same for a tapered column. Has anyone else accomplished this task?
  8. Wow! 17 years ago I was drafting by hand in high school. CA is amazing!
  9. Idk if this will help but you could multiselect the windows that you want to add the exterior silk to. Then open the dbx for the multi selected windows and add exterior sill. I know it's not exactly the route you were trying to take but as long as you get there.
  10. Did you try the wall material region tool? I don't know if you have enough wall space to use this tool though.
  11. I run 2 dell u2414 (24" 1080p) screens. I downsized from a 27" (1440p). I also have a 42" above the monitors but I rarely use it for pc work. My eyes couldn't deal with the smaller text on the 1440 anymore, but I do miss the real estate.
  12. I upgraded to the OS Sierra last night. X8 runs the same on the OS. However, I didn't do much testing other than making sure apps still worked. I modified a roof in an existing plan and closed the app. So far so good. This is on my macbook pro 13 (2015).
  13. From looking at the pic it looks like a depth of field blur. You can either uncheck it as you did or use a higher f-stop like f/8 or f/16. The focal blur allows you to focus in on a subject and blur out what you don't want in focus, like a busy background. The higher the f-stop the clearer the pic, the lower the f-stop the blurrier the background/foreground