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  1. I would love to discuss this further with you is there a phone number  i can reach out to you


  2. he means the old school way where architectural scaling was 1/8 " = 1'     1/4" = 1'  and engineering scales like is used on surveys 1" = 30 ' and so on 

  3. are you still looking for help ??

    1. WilliamSC


       Yes  Need resume and experience level.

      thank you for your interest, I perform  fast track drafting services for Developer and investor (flipper as well) and now private clients

      i have more clients than I can handle to maintain a quality of the service and speed,  as remote part timer you be given a project to draft, on a as need basis,  the services includes bath and kitchen addition, first and second floor addition, entire send floor  addition and new construction  at this time preparing builder sets of documents 

      if interested contact me at

  4. Having problems with  tile layouts anyway you can help ?? I want the tile layouts to exact based on the acutal sizes of tiles . i want listtelo at a defined height 

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    2. SNestor


      Not ignoring you...just been giving some thought to how best to accomplish the task you are asking about.  I've never gone to the trouble of laying out individual tiles made from p-solids.  I'm not a tile installer and since there are thousands of tiles and always seems like a waste of time to me.  I gather if you are into design/build...and maybe bath and/or kitchen remodeling that this type of planning could be helpful. 

      One thing you need to realize is that if you use a p-solid as a "tile" will have to paint it with a texture.  If you want it to represent an exact tile from a specific will have to search the web and find a picture of that tile that you can use.  You may be able to download the image...or, you may have to use a screen capture tool to get the image you want.

      Maybe you can be more specific as to what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to design shower walls with specific tile layouts...using a custom tile that is not included in any of Chief's catalogs?

    3. crosscutter55


      getting tiles to work out by math is one of the issues .A 6 x 6 tile on a diagonal would measure 8 1/2" , if i use multi copy i would set it for 8 5/8 to allow for the grout joint & drag it across the area . left to right & up & down so my  diagonal dimensions would work out very close , I would call those tiles the field tiles .Then there would be perimeter tiles , say 4" x 24" the 4" dimension can be trimmed to meet the rooms widths left to right & up & down also. 

       using concentric jump has me stumped also for setting the permiter tiles . There are tiles from dale tile  in my library & also in chief  that  match my criteria , however the rainbow tool to adjust material definition is also giving me an issue . Again any help is greatly appreciated 

    4. SNestor


      I did a quick video...posted on your last post on Chief Talk.  Let me know if my answer is what you are looking for.  If'll have to provide a bit more detail...