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  1. Thanks all I finely got it after spend about 3 hours learning how to use the ceiling plane tool and Eric link was very helpful.
  2. That's exactly what I am looking for how can this be done whiteout roof?
  3. I was not sure if I had to build a roof over the floor plan again as I did previously. I did check off the flat ceiling over the living area but then I got confused how to create the custom roof plane. This is just a interior I did no care about framing. Trying to find on YouTube some info but nothing is matching the floor plane I have.
  4. That did not I have to build a roof first ?
  5. Thank you I will give it a try. Have a great day
  6. Hi all having a problem setting up ceiling height. In the kitchen I have 96" flat ceiling but in the Livingroom there is a slightly vaulted ceiling from 96" to 112" I have tried all the roof settings but still can get it to work after 3 hours LOL Can you guys help me out with this. This is for my own house wife wants me to remodel kitchen. Thank you all, christine.plan
  7. Trying to figure out why I have duplicated dimensions in temporary dimensions any suggestion please. Thanks
  8. Dermot thank you so much that did the trick. Have a great day. Richard
  9. I have placed the stairs from the basement to the first floor and on the Stairs Information I have selected Lock Bottom and then I click in the Make Best Fit. After the stair got generated I selected the Auto Stairwell and that's it.
  10. Question to members as I'm a newbie. I have placed stairs from the basement to the 1st floor, but on top of the first floor the railing has blocked the entry. In other words if you go up to stairs you would have to climb over the rails. LOL Thank you for your help. Richard