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  1. Has anyone created a library of Cut Brick 12" Jack arches, no keystones, or 8" brick soldiers, or 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 brick radius arches? You can see the examples I have attached below, but these are just a pain to draw in Chief, and would love it if anyone has already drawn these to buy these symbols. Let me know!
  2. So, have you found that using a Mac Book Pro, that is hooked up to a larger monitor, is just as easy to work on as an IMac with larger screen? It seems you get the best of both worlds, b/c then you can take the MacBook out to meet with clients to show them their house plans/walk throughs, etc? I have been just looking at the IMacs which do not have great graphics cards.
  3. So this is more just an FYI, but my current IMac that I use does not support X12 due to older video card and older OS system. So was looking to get a NEW computer and have loved the reliability of the IMac, but was frustrated the the latest IMacs that were just released still had subpar video cards. So have been doing a lot of research with Chief Architect Help Desk, Apple, and other PC manufacturers like Dell/HP and just wanted to share in case any other Chief Users out there were looking to invest in a New Mac. The end result is this: the current AMD Pro Vega video card in the 2019 IMacs will run Chief X12, but Chief is moving towards all their platforms using "ray-tracing" video cards that support Direct X, or the Metal platforms. The Nvidia RTX 2080ti card is one of the best cards on the market to support the Direct X platform and ray tracing. However, Apple only uses AMD chips at the time. (and yes you can use add on hardware that reads the Nvidia card, but not looking to invest $3800 in a new IMac, and then have to use an EPU to get the graphics correct). So Chief advised that IF I wanted to stay with Apple products, they advised waiting until later this year to see if AMD and Apple's new releases will have the "Metal" platform on their graphics cards, which will support future versions of where Chief is headed. Therefore, although I hate not upgrading and using X12, and I considered switching to a PC, which are very good, I decided to wait it out and see what Apple does later this year with their upgrades and newer video cards with AMD. Here is a link to explain more of the Metal platform that Apple is using. Since I had done so much research, just wanted to share with anyone who was looking to get a new Mac this year. Again, current Macs will support and run Chief great, I just wanted to make sure that when I invest in a new computer, that it will still run Chief upgrades well 2-3 years from now. Hope this helps!
  4. Deesee- I am looking to switch over to an Imac 27" from my current Dell laptop.  I use Macs for home, and love them, but when looking at new computers, you can get such faster PC's for the same price, esp when it comes to better graphics cards.  My current Dell laptop just sits and spins when I am working in 3D modeling.  So I saw you work on a Mac, how has your experience been? Has the performance been oK?

  5. Thanks Country- that is what I was hoping I did not have to do. I had done that on the other roof but was trying to figure out if there was a way just to change the material on the auto roof section separate from the other roof. Thanks for your reply!
  6. I know this should be a simple answer, just haven't found it yet. How do you change the "roof return" material to be a different material than the roof it is associated with? I would like metal roof returns with an asphalt shingle roof. Any help?