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  1. Looking to hire a full time draftsman that is local to Nashville TN. Must be proficient in Chief Architect and have 3-5 years experience. This is a onsite/remote...somewhat of a hybrid position. competitive salary based on experience Best way to reach me is thru this thread...thank you Scot
  2. Hi Scot,

    if you could send me a pdf of your copies, I can give you an estimate to provide what you need as well as samples of my work. My email:

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  3. I am looking to hire someone to re-draw some construction details that I have hard copies. Please message me if interested They are areas related to framing, plumbing and electrical. I have hard copies but could scan. Scot
  4. I am looking to hire an experienced Chief Architect user who has a good understanding of creating construction documents from already derived plan files. I’d prefer to hire/work with someone out of the middle TN area. This would be part-time at first but could develop into a full-time opportunity. My main focus is on new construction and additions. Please send a resume to scot@tnhomedesign. I look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Can the window labels in CA be such that the inches callout are superscript?
  6. Hello Deb, I'm out of the Goodlettsville TN area and have been using CA for about 2.5 years. I started with X7 and am looking forward to X10. I built residential homes for few years prior to using Chief so feel free to ask me any questions...I'll try to help. I'll look for forward to creating some dialog. Best- Scot