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  1. Looking for a Builder, Home is going to be built in Parrottsville, Tennessee, which is just outside of Newport, Tn approximately 45 minutes NE of Knoxville. We would like to break ground Spring of 2021 Home was designed using Chief Architect Software Home Designer 2018 Feel free to e-mail at
  2. We are going to build our retirement home in Parrottsville, Tn, (we currently live in the Birmingham area), and have been working on our home plans since 2016, using Chief Architect Home Designer software (2018 edition). This software can export to a PDF, DXF, EMF and PNG Format. We have talked with several builders, some builders say they can work with what we have, we just need it printed on a large printer (1/4 inch - 1 foot scale), while the other builders say the plan need to be redrawn by an Architect/Designer. We have a few questions, but please excuse our ignoran