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  1. Residential house back yard, with a mini golf area

    Back area_5 - Photoshopped.jpg

  2. Residential House in Florida , created in Chief X15 and Rendered in Lumion

    back new_4 - Photoshopped.jpg

    front_latest update.jpg

  3. Sam1920

    Exterior Renders

    Exterior renders done for clients in Melbourne's East. Created in CHief X12 and render in Lumion and Twinmotion.
  4. Sam1920


    CA file converted in Lumion and rendered
  5. If you require a Rendered image I can work off your PDF plans and render the image in Lumion you can contact via if you require work samples let me know.
  6. 3d rendering of a Oberservatory in Romania in the snow
  7. Great prices for all your 3d work, renders and Animations, converting your CA file into Lumion for great results. www.
  8. if you require a professional render done . contact me . great rates. fast turnaround service.  

  9. Sam1920

    Sam Vitone

    Observatory in Romania, Done in Chief x10 PBR and Photshop.
  10. Sam1920

    Sam Vitone

    Large House in Melbourne, Australia Designed in Chief x10, rendered in Lumion.
  11. Watermark Hotel new fit out. PBR and sketup items
  12. WaterMark Hotel New .fitout, Chief X10 PBR Sketchup for all the new Furniture
  13. Chief X10 PBR and Photoshop