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  1. I've been going back and forth with a client I sent a link to my 3D model so he could view it w/ VIEWER. Is there a way to make this link live so I don't have to keep exporting?
  2. Thanks for all the awesome post & videos. Lots of great lessons here I hope help others and should be easier to search. Several ways in CA. Thanks for the heads up on walls Dave. I slapped it together fast for bidding. It appears X9 Gable/Roof Line is the simplest answer thanks Michael you are the man! That last pic Solver is what I want. I think it looks good as is. Client is wanting to move front door under gable now, I don't see anywhere to move the dinning table. Any suggestions? This is not my design it's clients, I just have to solve all his issues Perhaps when I show Solvers rendering with all those nice looking tall windows he's happy. I don't see X9 install instructions in my locker, do I need to back-up my catalogs or is it automatic like my users?
  3. My client wants a gable end on this porch roof & I can't find a tutorial or know what to search? I tried roof planes not cooperating at base, &, dormer tools not working. I want the ridges to intersect and extend out to the post w/valleys. How do I do this? Attached in X8...I'm too scared to go X9 can't afford a hiccup right now. Client (Final) Truss 3 (no furn).plan
  4. Don't know about others but often I use CA and goggle search before creating a thread. Goggle usually works better and faster for me. I'm seeing alot that when searched don't come up as intended & the title is the easiest way to find stuff. Perhaps a good idea to do a test on your thread title before posting so people can easily find your intent & content in a search. Speaking of intent: Disclaimers at the top help stop threads from getting way off topic....Clearly state what the intent is since some topics can have many sub-topics and the thread can easily get way off what current and future readers are looking for or having to read long threads to find it. I'm sure I'm not the only one with little time, this will help....Thx.
  5. I think I just figured a work around so W10 can't mess with me anymore....Move them to Dropbox W10 just got an arse whoopin by DB
  6. Anyone else auto arrange with dual monitors hooked up? I've tried everything such as shutting off view auto arrange, align to grid, making sure video card is up to date so it does not refresh. Prior to the last update and/or CA not sure my monitors would not wake up, now this. So I get one thing resolved in time just to have another. I don't like W10 unstable since W7 IMO, but it has some advantages I guess like free security, syncs, etc... Irritating since I like all my CA, etc, arranged the way I want it.
  7. I could be wrong, but the way I interpret it is the opposite you are. For most single story homes with no living space above the ceiling "Ceiling for FL1" is used and sub-floor has no affect. In two or more stories, the sub floor elevations can be changed with respect to one another using the "sub-floor for floor 2" build tool. In this case ceiling build is inoperative. That would make sense to me anyway based on titles of sections too since there is no "sub-ceiling for floor 2" but I'm not sure.
  8. Glad you're back. I remember you from when I first started X7 as being VERY helpful and knowledgeable. I actually thought you had to be part of staff. Sorry they treat you this way nor understand how much value you have brought to new sales. You and a select few others out here s/b free SSA. If they put correct value to the best contributors out here they see this $500 is nothing compared. It reminds me of lower utility bill home designs and appraisers/banks struggling to find comps and realize value all around the nation. That is the biggest reason why solar and these homes are not mass producing all around the USA. Last I went from X7-X8 I lost my textures and user library any insight on how to make sure this is smooth sailing?
  9. You've been on a legal advice rampage correcting and advising what should be on plans for court purposes since post # 97, along with unrelated topics I never asked for in my OP. Most smart people know that's why we have attorney's in this world you are not one. You went on to attack my and all entities quoting "Sorry, but for claims involving design negligence, corporate entities offer no liability protection." in response to my attorney setting up an insured entity, basically it appears you are advising is wrong offering, " entities have no liability protection"..... How ridiculous! So now you are basically advising that the many 1000's of entities in my state alone in construction even tried won cases, including mine, are wrong to call you and get some "real advise". I did try and straighten this non-sense out in post 83, Lew is right I should not have danced this dance with you it appears you have hi-jacked alot of threads with. As far as I'm concerned the mods can delete my and all legal advise post. I hope ppl don't come here for that. Im pretty sure CA does not solicit that or they'd have a legal section. I think I was clear in post 83 I'm not interested in your legal advice to please stay on topic you ignored. Following I had several CA related on topic questions you also ignored persisting on trying to impress this site with you so called self-proclaimed expertise on legal matters. Why would anyone in their right mind identify their company and self with people like you attacking them and their attorneys making them appear beneath your vast national legal expertise is beyond logic. It appears you have pushed your brand of internet legal advice off on others. It appears by post # 94 your legal experience comes from your family and wife whom I presume has tried countless construction, liability, personal injury cases national and briefed you on them all including client-attorney disclosures, in court testifying to no sited cases?, doing clerical judgement work, yet prior to post 21 all you sited was some national misleading info on attorney's sites from PA, NJ, and LA per you are a " few examples from a quick Google searches". Further, nothing in these goggle searches states, "Sorry, but for claims involving design negligence, corporate entities offer no liability protection." Why someone with so much self-proclaimed expertise in legal matters, with so much court experience, and surrounding resources, would resort to a irrelevant cheap goggle search says it all. I certainly hope you provide better legal research to all these attorneys and courts you advice. A person of your legal caliber as a national consultant should have a law library of their own. When I asked for some cases (eg" case law, etc) links you won in construction entity vs SP or were part of nothing? Perhaps in all the time you spend with these attorney's of yours outside of here you spend lots of time you can find some legal research or cases #s, or statues as related to AEC that applies since what you have produced so far is worthless and opinion as stated in them. Why someone with your skills is wasting valuable time about everyday on a drafting sites trolling trying to criticize, impress, is beyond logic. Now it appears you think you have a right to attack people such as their business entities and attorney's knowledge, having them at all, and you have a right to since "you have been here "far, far, longer" than me, and safe to assume anyone else new that does not buy into your BS! In some twisted way you think if I, and I am going to assume others since it appears this is not your first rodeo attacking peoples business, don't back down to your criticizing "attitude" or how we and our attorney's are idiots compared to you we need to learn some "manners" ???? Your kidding right? I guess I completely missed something in the rules and purpose of this site. I had no idea it was to obtain unwanted unsolicited bogus legal advice and there is a senior pecking order allowing more rights than people that are new. If the mods don't step in here I call them personally and find out whats going here. I only started this thread to get help with CA drafting tools......my contracts, Con docs, entity is set up by a VERY knowledgeable court experienced qualified attorney, and if I did not win some popularity contest defending that or moved me up in the pecking order of rights to attack others business entities Richard alluded to oh well. It appears there are some senior contributors here that think they own the forums and can turn any thread they want into anything they want by right including a complete legal advise nightmare! Richard, it you want to boast about your legal, architectural, and other vast knowledge and services you have expertise and offer advice for your businesses, I'll politely ask again, do it on your own thread, perhaps in the -off-topic discussions. Again, let me make this VERY clear. I don't want your legal advise please stop hi-jacking this thread with it.
  10. Please refrain from further legal discussions I have asked the mods to look at Richards contributions. I don't think ppl come to CA looking for legal advice. I certainly did not ask for it in my OP. We need to keep this site topics on CA related discussions otherwise ppl can not learn it. Thanks!
  11. I can't imagine why these two can't be combined. All your page index is doing is denoting a page # and title that can all go along w/ "date, revised by, description" in one live table. If you delete a sheet all is gone. The only variables are "revised by, date, description I am assuming you use to give a brief on what changed, along with any rework to existing parts, assemblies...No biggie, just saying. Think I'll try and combine until someone complains I see I can go schedule-to-text to modify how to get it back to live?
  12. Good Point! Why not combine the Layout Page Table & Revision Table?
  13. Typically, I can point to a plat drawing by civil engineers in sub-divisions and do not have define it. This ones in rural most of the time they just wing a pad. I guess I better call the city. They don't return calls or support residential design around here, so frustrating!
  14. Excellent - Thanks Joey didn't even see that through all the chaos. Looks awesome!! What I had in mind you already sculpture very well thanks again. Agree both locals probably best. Why not put more 3D ref views on each sheet just to help put things into perspective? IE: Framing, MEP if we had it, etc...Just curious we do that on manufacturing(mfg) drawings. Another: Why not combine the Layout Page Table & Revision Table? Reduce clutter all info in one table? In mfg we do that in a "title block". Going to be more than a week for this noob I can see I better focus on foundation get it released.