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  1. 10,000 X easier in Twin Motion. Next
  2. Yes thank you, saved me some time and was exactly what I was looking for.
  3. modelermatt

    Castillo Residence Remodel

    In Chief Architect I can develop conceptual ideas much quicker than other programs. So I'm able to communicate with clients and they understand more about the design intent. Lines on paper can only convey so much emotion. Yes there's mistakes and details not quite right, but these are charrettes, nothing more. Usually I'll develop a model like this and then I bring my tower to the client's house and I do virtual walk throughs using a plugin that exports the rendering (shown) and also does real-time virtual experiences- Lumen RT on their big screen TV. Works very well.
  4. modelermatt

    Mayer Basement

    Residential Basement Remodel job. There's probably too much focal blur in the images, this stuff is all experimental. I was also playing with illuminated surfaces in this study above and below cabinetry. I'm exporting these images in Lumen RT's standard lighting quality export setting. If I were to choose full lighting, superior, or extreme the shade and shadow is much better than these images. The penalty is longer processing times and the lighting is not adjustable on the fly in the real time model. I hope that helps some people and you all find it interesting. you'll notice that I have bleeding of light in the corner sometimes, models sometimes need cleaning up to prevent this. I also tried creating a glass table in one of the images and it was a fail because it was too transparent. It's all about fiddling with the dials and buttons.
  5. modelermatt

    Markus Basement

    This is a basement remodel job for a recent client.
  6. Actually, I'd guess Chief's programmers are quite smart. When you can't get something to work in Chief, you get out another tool and you fix it. Do your stairs need to be perfect for a rendering or for construction documents? Custom stairs? Model them. Everything can't be a menu selection or a press of a button in life IMHO.
  7. modelermatt

    Corker Brownstone Remodel

    This is a 160 year old row house I'm renovating.
  8. These are all great answers. I really love Chief Architect, my apologies, I'm still trying to deprogram from AutoCAD.
  9. I'm using X6. I'm creating all my floors in the same file and they stack fine in the working file. Hope that might help.
  10. Hi everyone. I have a difficult time getting floors plans to insert into individual layout sheets at a common reference point. I would like it so the plans don't move around and are consistent on all the sheets. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help. Matt