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  1. Hey DMD, made a quick video for you for my method of the double gable- maybe it helps you out.



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    2. Alaskan_Son


      Remember those methods are really only valid if you can turn auto roofs on. In David's example this may or may not have been possible.  Also, just a thought, but I find that the automated tools aren't a great start for beginners much of the time because as soon as they can't use auto for some reason then they're stumped all over again.  For this reason, I often like to teach people the manual way very early on. 

    3. Renerabbitt


      I learned that was as well, I only switched after noticing post after post of solver kicking butt at complex auto-roofs. That made me switch to auto-build and I feel as if it is superior, different strokes...I may feel differently after coaching slews of people in on-on-one. Its important to know how roofs function which would make sense to teach manual methods

    4. DMDesigns


      Thanks, buddy - So many cool ways right?