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  1. StudConstruction

    Electrical Fixtures not displaying in Elevation

    Ah yes, the snipping tool... forgot about that. Thanks again!
  2. StudConstruction

    Electrical Fixtures not displaying in Elevation

    That is very odd... It wasn't displaying like that before. I have a feeling it may have been a graphics card issue. My GeForce is no longer recognized on my computer. I'll be taking it in today to see if that resolves the issue. Thank you both for the help. Out of curiosity what program do you use to record a live screen share? If the problem still isn't resolved I'd like to see if that would help in the diagnostics. Thanks again!
  3. StudConstruction

    Electrical Fixtures not displaying in Elevation

    Sorry about that little misstep. Try this. Thanks for your help. Still can't figure out what the issue is.
  4. Not sure if this is the correct topic area but for some reason, I can not figure out how to display the electrical fixture I just dropped in. Here are the steps I've taken: 1. create wall elevation (E4) 2. clip wall elevation in plan view making sure the fixture is well within the limits. 3. saved, exited, restarted .plan 4. added light fixture in plan view 5. opened elevation by double-clicking the callout in .plan 6. display opens sans light fixture Sorry had to zip the file... didn't have time to figure out how to shrink it...
  5. StudConstruction

    Slow mouse

    Out of curiosity are there any downsides to unchecking this?
  6. StudConstruction

    Slow mouse

    Hey All, For me, my issue was resolved by: Edit > Preferences > Edit > uncheck "Synchronize with Cursor" Hope that helps others! and thanks to @glennw for the tip!
  7. StudConstruction

    Mouse issues

    Just jumped into this thread because I'm having this very issue. I did try @HamlinBC fix to no avail. Has anyone had this issue? Resolution. I've tried adjusting the sensitivity issue but it doesn't seem to be a sensitivity issue.
  8. StudConstruction

    Nvidia Drivers Updated

    Thanks for all the help. I've been using 390.77 for a few hours and the issues I've been having seem to have been resolved. I'll update my post if I run into them in the next few weeks but for now, it seems to be working great! Thank you again for all the help and expertise! :: UPDATE :: I've been using Chief heavily over the weekend and today with no apparent issues. Thanks for the fix!
  9. StudConstruction

    Nvidia Drivers Updated

    Hello everyone, I just skimmed through this post coming over from another. I'm having the issue described above (running Nvidia GTX 1060) and am unable to Roll back my driver. Not sure if there is a way around this or if anyone has figured out a permanent fix. I'm also having this same issue anytime I generate an elevation and then attempt to click out of it.
  10. StudConstruction

    Freezing when closing Library Browser

    Great thanks. I'll check it out.
  11. StudConstruction

    Freezing when closing Library Browser

    I am running Nvidia GeForece GTX 1060. Also, the signature has been updated, thanks for the reminder.
  12. StudConstruction

    Freezing when closing Library Browser

    Were you able to resolve this issue? I'm having the exact same problem.
  13. StudConstruction

    Print to PDF distorts portions of the drawing

    I am using Adobe Acrobat Through my Creative Cloud Subscription with Adobe I am using Adobe Acrobat and you are correct it only appears to happen near the bubble transparent fill areas. Also, I have not been able to find the "Save as PDF" option in Chief that everyone keeps talking about. I assumed it would pop up as a file type after the "Save As" option but it does not. Thank you both for your help.
  14. StudConstruction

    Print to PDF distorts portions of the drawing

    Thank you for this tip, however, I do not see a "Save as PDF" option. Am I missing something?
  15. When I print to pdf (600/1200/2400dpi makes no difference) the resulting image comes out as shown in the attached screen shot. also, there appears to be some image on top of the distorted portion on the pdf. If you rest your cursor over the distorted image it changes to a cross hair and allows you to click the area showing a blue box that directly relates to the portion of the drawing that is distorted. Please also see the attached pdf for reference. Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have any idea why it might do this?