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  1. I note in my schedules that the sizes are displayed as width x height however here in australia our standards would be to display as height x width. - (example 2400x2700mm) is there a setting to changed this layout. I'm concerned when I send to suppliers for quoting they will read incorrectly.
  2. Hi there Using x12 Premier and for a while now I'm confused with what determines if a door is exterior or interior. I thought it may be the wall type. In default settings I have options for interior door, exterior door, interior sliding, exterior sliding. However on my toolbar I only have the options of Hinged door or sliding door. I have set my defaults to match the above but when I drop a door on either an external wall or internal wall they are always an external door. I've looked through the settings and nothing jumps out for what I could be doing wrong. Screenshot attached showing both wall types.
  3. Hi I have an elevation view in technical view, its crisp white and black however when I send it to layout I have additional lines. I have googled away but cant see where I'm going wrong. I've attached two screenshots I have my cool and warm lines set to white and checked settings in techniques. thank you in advance I'm using chief premier 12x
  4. Thanks Mark, I have been using home designer for approx 6 months prior to CAI. I understand and have watched every video in the tutorial section. I understand how to manipulate the internals of the cabinets however when I do a vertical divide I lose the doors (or only have one door). I have tried to make a door symbol which is converted to sit on the cabinet. I'm now stuck with changing the size of this cabinet easily without changing both door sizes individually and adjusting handle location. I feel there is a shorter method to achieving what I need. (hopefully :-) )
  5. HI New to using CA interiors X11. As a kitchen and bathroom designer I would like to be able to modify the internals of cabinets. Broom cupboards - how to divide inner shelving Pantry - Add internal draws inside. See attached images of what I'm looking to achieve. Thanks Adele