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  1. could it be that you are buying metric plywood? 1200mm x 2400mm
  2. rlackore, Sorry about duplicate post. I'm new. how do I delete it? I would like add a profile to a specific siding material so it would show in my cross sections. I've seen the way you can do a log siding with a 3d molding polyline but it seemed like a lot of work if it's a complicated house is there a better way? thanks, DenisP
  3. hi, is there a way to add a profile to a siding type so it would show in the cross sections and not just as line 1/2" from the sidding
  4. Hi. is there a way to add a profile to siding so in a cross section it would show the actual profile of the siding and not just a line at 1/2" from the sheeting Thanks!