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  1. Thanks Mick. Maybe one of these days the upgrade will have it.
  2. I have come across this several times. Would love to be able to change the best stair riser default from 6 3/4" to 7 1/2". Any way to do this?
  3. Thanks Robert. I guess I have another habit to develop, lol.
  4. Is there a way to create a layer that won't print? Sometimes I like to put notes to remind myself of something I need to do on the plans, or copy and paste the text from client email instructions so I don't have to go back to the email. Is there a way to put this on a layer where I can see it but it doesn't print? At times I can put it off the printable area of the layout page, but other times, I have something circled and arrows with text pointing to the area that I need to get back to in the future.
  5. Thanks a bunch Steve for taking the time to make this video. I found it most helpful!!!!
  6. Looks like you both got it . I will give it a go. Thanks!
  7. I have tried dragging in the roof plane so that it cuts this wall and it still acts like the wall is there and won't let me center the bonus room window on the gable peak. I have drug the wall down as well and that didn't work. What simple thing am I missing? I have attached the plan. It is in x12. Thanks!!! CA_Jepsen_Residence.plan
  8. Thanks Mark, Robert and Chris. I really appreciate the guidance. And Mark, thanks for the material.
  9. Mark, that's what I need. Let me try to recreate it. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Robert, That's a nice sample. Will it work in vector view? Or only standard view? In vector view, I think I need a new pattern. Trying to get it to look right in vector view on the plans.
  11. I put a grass on it and changed its color and added a shingle texture. Would like it to look better if someone comes up with a better option.
  12. Anyone found such a material. Trying to create a Tiki pool house with a artificial thatch roof. Thanks!
  13. Levis, can you show me the delete tool you mentioned. Thanks!
  14. Levis, this is a cool trick. Glad you figured it out. Thanks!!
  15. Ok Robert. That is a good work around. Thanks!
  16. I am using rails with panels with the panels going up to the beam. Steve Nester did it in his video. I don't see a way to turn off the panel layer on railings.
  17. Anyone of screen porch material that is transparent in exterior elevation vector view? Would love to have it. Thanks!
  18. Thanks a bunch Steve. Where did you find you screen materials for the panels?
  19. Yeah you are probably right. They put a lot of time into it but they really don't know the ins and outs of the software
  20. Can you look at the. plan I sent and give me the solution for the floor sticking out of the roof in the bonus room area? I have checked and the room is an attic room and the roof plane is at the correct height. I did notice that the metal roof wasn't connected to the shingle roof but the floor still was there when I connected it. Thanks!
  21. Duh, do I feel stupid, lol. Think it's time for some shuteye. Thanks!!!!!!
  22. Eric, it all acts normal until i got to the foundation. I have attached the .plan file. I can select the wall in 3d. 6040_East_Bay_Blvd_-_Revision_Ideas.plan
  23. I am helping on a job someone else started and found something that is confounding me. On the foundation plan all that is showing is the footings. I have tried to select the walls and the selection tool can't grab anything. The layer doesn't seem to be locked. I have rebuilt the foundation and that didn't work. It is supposed to be 8" Stemwall and show the layers for the walls. Has anyone ever come across this before?