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  1. Not sure why it is doing this, It has always dimensioned to sides or middle of doors and windows, but on this plan it is only to windows. Any ideas of what to look for. Opening sides is selected in the dialog box,
  2. Thanks everyone for your guidance. I came back to look at this problem on a day where I had a clearer mind and used some of the advice given. Here is what I came up with as a way to change the dimensions to what I needed them to be. I used the same technique to change the ceiling heights and remove the depth of the floor system.
  3. Richard I have a question, Is there a way I can make the panels thicker, 1.5" x 4". I tried to make it work on the dialog box for the railing but it didn't change anything visually when I changed the panel thickness to 4". Thanks!
  4. Awesome Richard, I think that will work for what I may need in the future. Thanks so much for sharing!
  5. I have it done, just trying to learn a CA way to do it next time. This builder uses them a lot and thought next time I wouldn't have to do a manual method. Your info was so helpful. I learned some new things about symbols I didn't know before. Thanks a bunch!
  6. ???? This is what I did. No change for me.
  7. I increased the width between newel posts to 244" in the above picture, but it didn't change the width of the panels just the distance between the posts. Is there another way to stretch the panels so I can see what it looks like? Thanks!
  8. Eric, this looks like it is a wider panel too. I will have to check to see if it could work. Thanks!!
  9. EXCELLENT!! Thanks for the tutorial video. This won't let me have a wider x panel, will it? Is there a way to change the width of the panel?
  10. Rob, I tried to figure this out but it wouldn't let me changed the smoothing angle. Held it at 45 degrees even though it looked like it changed it before I closed the dialog box with "ok". Also didn't see where I could turn off the balusters. When you get time, could you give me more information. I have a work around now, but would like to learn this way. Thanks!
  11. Oh wow,. So going to try this. Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys, your guidance saved me some time. I ended up drawing a line where I need it between the upright posts. Then I changed that into 1.5" x 4" molding polyline offset .75" from the line I drew so the molding would be centered. Then I reflected it upon itself and took both copies and blocked them together and copied them to the next locations they were needed, adjusting them if necessary. Wasn't too bad. I tried making it into a symbol, but as you mentioned DzinEye, the pieces needed to rotate just a little and I couldn't figure out how to compensate for that quickly. Chopsaw, when I stretched the CA symbol to 21' it just made another copy of the x
  13. Does anyone have a railing like this they can share or tell me how to go about making it myself. The one I found in the symbols available in our software has 2 x's where I need only one and it has iron balisters where I don't need to have any. Thanks! This is what I am wanting, but need the x's to resize according to available space. this is what chief has available.
  14. Got it. Once I switched to that style it freed up the ability to change the height of the post. Thanks Eric!
  15. Can anyone remind me where to change the height of the posts in the railing so that the top of the post is above the railing? the railing is at 42" and the post is at 38" and is grayed out so I can't change it in this screen of the railing specifications dialog. I know it is something so easy, but I simply can't figure it out. Thanks!!!!
  16. Great info! Thanks so much for the details on how this is done. Now I have an answer for the client, should he question me on having moved the walls.
  17. Thanks for the confirmation Robert. That is what I normally do, but this had me second guessing myself.
  18. Does anyone know if the interior walls that meet with inside corners of an ICF wall have to meet up at the cement center? I have always had it meet at the styrofoam outside edge when I drew plans for the other ICF homes I have done and no one has ever said anything was a problem. This plan was drawn by someone else and I am helping clean it up. I think it doesn't have to meet this way, but I want to make sure.
  19. Thanks Glenn. I'm back on track now, I think.
  20. I think you got it. Let me go back and look at the ceiling material in the structure dialog.
  21. Hi again. Anyone able to spot the reason why this plan isn't showing a ceiling on the first floor. The ceiling plane and ceiling surfaces are both turned on and the room dba has flat ceiling selected. I am trying to help a client clean up their plan. I have attached the plan in x12. Thanks a bunch! Enzian Residence CA.zip
  22. I tried to do it this way but the segments didn't have an option that I could see, to turn off the callout absolute height. I just made a white polylne rectangle and wrote text on top of it the way I wanted it to read. I went back and made the black outline on the rectangle white after I got done.
  23. Hey folks, does any one know if there a way to have the story pole give the the measurement from the floor for the upper stories?
  24. Hey folks, does any one know if there a way to have the story pole give the the measurement from the floor for the upper stories?
  25. Dermot, Is there anyway you can move/copy this topic and the added comments to the suggestion forum? Michael and Gene did a good job describing what would be nice to have for the stair dialog. Love this software!!!!!! Thank you!