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  1. There's nothing wrong with your PC just turn off the label of each item in that view
  2. Hi Jason This is an oversight (by chief) in my opinion and looks like you will have to do some editing on your image or as I do take 4 shots N,E,S,W and then use the right one, also get use to the right location for the shot as the whole model will be centered in the bubble.
  3. Hi Scott I got this to work faster by placing each building on the next floor (7 Floors you my have answered your own question?)
  4. Hi Johnny Someone on here posted this PDF of all the fills in chief Regards Steve Hatch
  5. Johnny I'd place the garage on the 5th floor then adjust FFL to meet 35' from 1st floor (that's if I understand your question?)
  6. Hi Johnny under contours try 24" and not 240"
  7. Hi GB We are on top the rest of the world is down under probably the best you can do is to create line style with the text and bend that, to bend a line use your right mouse on the end of the line or create an arc and assign the text line I think this is the best chief will do for you in this regard Cheers Steve
  8. Hi Steve Start the wall and hit TAB ( relative to start and polar are On ) type your distance and all is good
  9. Hi Eric This may help you lots of info at this site Regards Steve
  10. You can only mulled two units at one time then mulled the third