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  1. Eric, I am currently on X12. Never had this issue before not sure why this design is different.
  2. Thanks David I will watch the videos provided and hopefully it helps.
  3. Hopefully someone can help me. I have an issue with stepped foundation walls which the footing drops 2 feet and should have a vertical footing as specified in the wall specification dialog box. However it doesn't display in wall elevation view nor in 3d view. Has anyone else have this issue and how do I fix it so that it can display so the contractor can install the footing correctly.
  4. It worked. Thanks Scott for the information.
  5. Hi everyone, I have an issue with foundation wall showing a 4" gap between the stem wall and the footing (area where slab would be). I spoke with technical support and they had no clue. When I design the foundation plan originally I didn't have this error, however, my plan calls out for a step foundation footing and It started to shows this 4" gap around the perimeter. Also the garage also shows a 4" gap at the garage slab. Please see attached JPG and let me know how to get rid of it without redrawing the entire foundation.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a problem. I am in the process of completing a project. I am designing the framing plans manually. I place the majority of the the truss joists and rim joists around the perimeter of the floor framing. My problem is that some of the rim joists disappear from the plan like they never existed. I have drawn it several times and it tends to disappear again and again. I was wondering if anyone has experience this problem in X7. Not sure how to fix this problem. I know that I never had this problem in previous release of Chief Architect and just wondering if this is a bug in X7. Please let me know. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.
  7. Thanks Joey and Lew. I am going to try both scenarios. The anno set with layer set for each one is probably the best one. Thanks again
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a question if this is possible to do. I am in the process of completing a project with a walkout basement. The basement is finished and in detail with a variety of notes and dimensions. Half of the walls in the basement design are pony walls which lower level of wall is concrete and the upper half is stud wall. However, I require a foundation design for the foundation contractor just showing the concrete with associated notes and details. The reason for the separate design is that portions of the plan the concrete walls vary height in certain areas includes stepped foundation. My question is "Is there a way to send the basement drawing to layout and just showing the concrete only with associated notes for foundation only without changing the basement drawing"? Let me know if this is possible. Tony DaSilva Tri-An Design and Construction Inc.
  9. Hi Everyone, After reviewing all the responses to my question, I have altered my design to what Kevin Moquin suggested by placing a prefix on the tag of the component like the cabinets for creating the cabinet schedule. It works for now on this project. But like most members suggested, it should be separate schedules for each room that is what I was really looking for. I am sending a suggestion directly to Chief Architect for their programmers to look into situations like this for any future updates (if this is possible). If the program is created to doing both residential and light commercial projects, it would be best to separate each unit instead of combining all as a whole in a schedule. Thanks again for all the comments. It was really helpful as this was my first time with a question to the forum.
  10. Hi everyone. I am working on a multi unit apartment building that requires information for each unit. I am having difficulty breakdown separate door, finish and cabinet schedules for each apartment. Each apartment unit is unique because each one is different in size, kitchen design and number of bedrooms. I am not sure if this is possible to do it automatically. Can someone tell me if this is possible. If so can you please let me know if I have to do something to describe each unit before I lose my mind. It would be greatly appreciated.