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  1. 7654321

    Garage Bonus Room - Roof & Exterior Wall Issues

    Try changing your Attic rooms to Unspecified,
  2. 7654321

    options on cut at ends of exterior molding?

    DianeP, Give this a try
  3. 7654321

    Simple Textures

    Very nice textures. Thanks a bunch
  4. 7654321

    Curved top Roof

    Looks great ! SNestor ... I raised the curved roof base line to set on top of the existing hip Roof PS, I set the curved roof to 90 deg EAVES.
  5. 7654321

    Floor Coverings Disappear and Reappear

    ''My flooring disappeared'' Have you tried checking *Rooms* in the camera view Layer setting sounds like it could be turned off ?
  6. 7654321

    railing vs newel heights

    Deselect ''Post to Rail ''
  7. 7654321

    Foundation not aligning

    You need to add a Exterior layer other than insulation foam to the walls on floor 1 & 2 there are several in the wall specification properties box to choose from Brick or siding...
  8. 7654321

    Foundation not aligning

    Try changing the 2nd floor walls to ICF Siding , and add the block material
  9. 7654321

    Can someone help do my roof? Please!

    Maybe this will help ... FHP.zip
  10.   The Ceiling Heights  were the problem, and a few other problems as noted...