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  1. Hope this helps ! , mostly done with auto roofs and ceiling heights changed at front of house. See Roof Plan page Roof Plan check it out.plan
  2. Try changing your Attic rooms to Unspecified,
  3. Very nice textures. Thanks a bunch
  4. Looks great ! SNestor ... I raised the curved roof base line to set on top of the existing hip Roof PS, I set the curved roof to 90 deg EAVES.
  5. ''My flooring disappeared'' Have you tried checking *Rooms* in the camera view Layer setting sounds like it could be turned off ?
  6. You need to add a Exterior layer other than insulation foam to the walls on floor 1 & 2 there are several in the wall specification properties box to choose from Brick or siding...
  7. Try changing the 2nd floor walls to ICF Siding , and add the block material
  8.   The Ceiling Heights  were the problem, and a few other problems as noted...