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  1. Have an X4 license for sale. See my other post about it. Jeff
  2. I am in Cincinnati and may be able to help. Never been able to find local users but I know there are some in Indiana. Jeff
  3. On the issue of complexity. You make a good point I am moving on to Revit because Chief is too hard and it just does not work in many instances without hours of figuring out the secret handshake and then relearning it again or something different down the road. With Chief it is easy to learn the basics. With Revit the basic modeling is not too difficult at all either. Whether or not it is made more difficult or easy because I have worked with Chief all these years I'm not sure. A wall is wall a roof is a roof etc. But once you have a basic model and move forward, all of the tools available in Revit are amazing. The sheer number of things you can do guide its complexity and learning curve. Does the saying "the smarter I get the less I seem to know" strike a bell. If you are happy with Chief and I think it is a great program fine but I love all tools and available options available in Revit to make more accurate and build able models along with the attendant complexity and learning curve. I guess I just need something a little more challenging which will give be better models and everything that goes with it. In this way it is much harder to learn than Chief. BTW I think the issue of residential versus commercial is a non issue. You are either building an accurate beautiful model or you are not, size is relative. Jeff
  4. Heading out the door but will post later. Hope I do not get my head chopped off. Transitioning to Revit. Used Chief since '97. Biggest upfront differences: Revit costs $6,000 and is a harder to learn. Jeff
  5. Revit has displacement sets. You can "pull" out any geometry from the model: walls, windows, doors, roofs etc. and it just becomes a live view of the model like everything else. Not sure if this is where your going with this. No experience with Octane or Blender, way too much software too little time. I thought Revit originally might solve all import/export issues but this is far from accurate. ICFs seem to be somewhat of a workable future solution. Revit itself does not really work well with even other Autodesk software without lots of additional work. There a lots of caveats with that like live links to Autocad and 3ds and others. If you live in the Autodesk software world you can make everything "sort of" talk to each other and with 3rd party stuff I guess anything is possible. Again not sure where your going with this or where you think CA might fit in. Like I said it is fascinating stuff and I am hammering away with Revit. Jeff
  6. Fascinating topic. Must have missed it the first time around. I am one who has used Chief since 1997. I am in flux right now as I have decided to transition to Revit but will probably keep Chief as tool to do certain things. I am fairly early in the Revit learning curve but it can do things that Chief could never could do or only do with great difficulty. I am sure like everything else it is not perfect but seems to me to be a giant step forward in many many things and not so much in others, framing layouts come immediately to mind. Will follow this thread and have a million ideas if anyone's interested. Jeff
  7. Like Joe said. If you go with the portable upgrade to K5100M. Wait for display port 1.3, now available, supports 5K resolution. No matter what you do it is probably going to run extremely hot and be loud. Jeff
  8. I just submitted again for the 3rd or 4th time. Has not worked yet. Will let you know. I have gotten emails from a local rep, maybe I need to call her. Jeff
  9. Select "All On" Layerset Select "Fill Window" Then Hit "Edit" - "Select All" You will see something selected very far away, Select that and delete it.