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  1. Tricia

    Curved parapet wall

    I am creating a multi-level parapet wall with a molded cap and would like to have the central wall to be curved. I've tried several techniques, but none seems to give me the look I need to show the client. I tried to load the CAD files for this plan, but it was too large. A .pdf of the elevation was the bes I could do. Chief forum file.pdf
  2. Tricia

    3d Text

    Thank you all for your help! I've got it now.
  3. Tricia

    3d Text

    I need to create a sign on an exterior commercial building, which will consist of a logo and text. This needs to be seen in both 3d and elevation views. I have created the logo, but don't' know how to make the text show up on the signs. When I close out the elevation, the text is lost. The text needs to be MS Reference Sans Serif, size 10. The text included in my library does not comply to the company's logo established logo design. If there is no work around on this problem, suggestions on where to purchase something that is Chief compatible. 'Tricia Solomon
  4. Tricia

    Square Footage Labels on floor plans

    They are already on, along with room areas,& dimensions.
  5. In using an existing plan to revise for a new project, I deleted everything except the walls. I started moving walls and revising the room names, adding the automatic room dimensions. However, when I went to check the living square footage of the house, it was not regenerated, and I've tried everything I can find to get it to reappear on the plan. Is there something I am missing? 'Tricia S. Gunnerson_3-10-17.plan
  6. Tricia

    Dimension transparency

    Thank you, both!
  7. Tricia

    Dimension transparency

    I am trying to make my dimensions transparent, as now the "box" around the numerals is white and blocks the details of the plan behind them. There seem to be quite a few text dialogs that allow me to change the fill, but I can find nothing for the fill on dimensions. Where can I go to make this change?
  8. Tricia

    Rotating Text

    Has anyone else had problems in rotating their text. All of the sudden, when I grab the rotating arrow, the text remains fixed in orientation, and spins around the arrow. There must be some box checked (or unchecked), but I haven't discovered it. Having to manually go into the dialog and change the degree, a real pain.
  9. For some reason, my drawing field has become so huge, that the plan and or elevations are not evident. You can see the plans enough to make them large enough to see, but you have to be careful in moving from one area on the plan to another, not to loose the plan again. I can't even find the elevations and overviews on the background to enlarge them. Maybe a random letter or line, far from the original drawing has popped up in outer space, but I don't know how to locate it and delete it. Any suggestions?