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  1. Hey, I'm looking to buy a license for Chief X5 or up. Let me know if you have one available that you would be willing to sell. Thanks Scott
  2. HaleDesign

    Shopping For A License X5 Up

    The reason for needing Chief is that I do most of my work in AutoCAD, but I have a couple of jobs where I could utilize the 3d rendering of Chief coming up. I am familiar with Chief and have used it before, but if you have any books or learning materials to pass on with the license that you would not need I would gladly take those off of your hands as well. :-) Thanks again
  3. HaleDesign

    Shopping For A License X5 Up

    Hey, I am needing to pick up a license of Chief X5 or up on the cheap. So if you have a license that you do not use anymore and want to sell please let me know the version and the price. Thanks, Scott