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  1. Unfortunately, versions earlier than X2 are not supported on Windows 7. Versions 9 and 10 were released in 2003 and 2005 respectively, and Windows 7 was not released until 2008, so there was no way to test those versions on that platform before their release. You can find a full list of supported Operating Systems for each version here: Chief Architect Sales
  2. We do not currently have a referral program set up, although it's certainly an interesting idea that we may take into consideration for the future. We do recognize that we have many users who are amazing advocates of our software, and we greatly appreciate that! Any promotions that we do have are listed on our "Special Offers" page here: Chief Architect Sales
  3. Peter- Glad to hear you've downloaded X7 and are enjoying it! We always try to improve the speed and efficiency of the software with each release, and the download is certainly a part of that. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns as you get up and running with the new version. Chief Architect Sales
  4. Hello, You have posted on our professional forum which applies to our Chief Architect products. In the future you will find more relevant content by posting and searching our HomeTalk forum. Here is a link for your reference. The best way to remove the ceiling is to use the invisible wall tool to define the area that does not have a ceiling. (If the area is already defined by walls you don't need to worry about the invisible walls) Once the area is defined you can click your "Select Objects" tool and click in the defined area to highlight the area (it should turn grey) and open the "room specification" dialog. Under the "Structure" panel uncheck "Ceiling Over This Room" Derek Chief Architect Software
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    2014 Remodeling Show

    Here is a sneak peek into the trade show and training last week. Thank you all who attended!
  6. ChiefArchitect


    From the album: 2014 Remodeling Show

    Intermediate training class.
  7. From the album: 2014 Remodeling Show

    Getting ready to demonstrate the software at the Remodeling Show in Baltimore.
  8. Are you coming to see us at the Remodeling Show in Baltimore? Stop by our booth #3110 and see how Chief Architect can benefit your remodeling business! Remodeling Show October 23-24, 2014 Free Tickets:
  9. Watch how Stephen Gross uses his Leica DISTO Laser Meter with Room Planner! DISTO E7100i and Room Planner. * Leica Special Offer for Chief Architect users: Purchase a Leica DISTO Bluetooth Laser and save with the special Chief Architect PROMO CODE. This offer is valid for Leica Bluetooth DISTO devices (E7100i, E7500i, D810) through October 31, 2014 @ 9pm Pacific. Learn more at:
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    2014 CDA Training Event

    Thank you to all who attended the CDA training event! We hope you learned new tools to enhance your efficiency and customization.