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    curved fence

    when i draw a curved fence on the pilot plan, the post and rails are curved but the wood boards are straight. Whats with that? I have vertical pickets as default.
  2. windjammer

    as built masks

    For remodels (most of what I do) the set is more useful if the as built conditions are ghosted on the new plan. Chief answers this with the as-built mask (tutorial 1600). I have used it. But now I cannot adjust the line color when creating a mask, so its full black like the new work - not too useful. Is this because I upgraded to x7?
  3. Glad to find this discussion. Do CA developers read chieftalk? Considering the typical automation level, the fireplace is pretty dumb. I do remodels often, and am required to show the existing conditions - this very often includes a basic brick fireplace box 5' wide and a brick chimney 3' wide. And of course a significant foundation. Someday I'll be expert enough to write a macro, but would sure be nice if Chief had added two simple functions to the new x7 - which instead prompts me to extend the fireplace box up as a "chimney". Sheesh.
  4. windjammer

    Text Is Not On Relavent Layer

    New user trying Chief for permit drawings. For ceiling plan (electrical set) I want only the ceiling related notes, but ALL text goes on text layer. How do I tell Chief that when I'm working in electrical set, I want the text I write to be on electrical layer?