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  1. Yeah, reading my boss’ handwriting can be problematic at times, haha. Thank you Jason, for the wonderfully detailed answer! We’ll be measuring another house tomorrow and I’m leaning toward using the Bosch app with our 50c. A couple questions for you... I see Bosch has 2 apps out, MeasureOn Gen.1 & MeasureOn. Which do you use? And do you export the sketch you made on scene into CA so you can use it as a starting point, or do you draw in CA from scratch?
  2. What do you use for collecting the measurements? Do you pen/paper it, use an app, or draw in CA as you go? We need to get way more efficient at creating as-builds so I’m researching options & we already have a 50c that’s been paired with pen/paper, but in this day-age there’s *got* to be a better way. thank you for your input! (p.s. I’m not interested in getting off-topic emails telling me I’m posting wrong)
  3. Chopsaw, Very good suggestions. I'll look into it. The most recent machine changes would probably be an update so I'll start there. Thanks!!
  4. Some of our computers have randomly decided to give us a blue library preview window. Examples attached. Has anyone else experience this? Yes, I've checked the Preference settings and nothing is set to be blue [We're also having an issue with Chief becoming unresponsive when searching the library browser or attempting to change the material of an object. Most days we can get a few hours of work out of it before it starts acting up and then that function can't be used for the rest of the day on that computer. Maybe this is related to that?] {{Running X12 on brand new Alienware Aurora R11, 32GB, i7-10700, NVIDIA RTX 3070}}
  5. @Alaskan_Son Thank you for the additional tips! I'm printing them for future reference. It didn't even cross my mind that I could place a Rail Wall *on* the stairs. Happy Friday, Kt
  6. Thank you Robert! That actually makes me feel better, that I'm not alone in this frustration and that I'm not missing something. Cheers,
  7. I've only been using this program since last summer and I'm continually amazed how much has to be 'faked' in for such an expensive program that's been around for so long. If they give me a tool for stairs, I should be able to easily place the Newel posts on either the ground or the last step, and have them at the top of the stairs or not. For the first few months, I thought my problems were my learning curve. Reading this forum has helped me realize it's not me, it's the program, and to not be so hard on myself. That being said -- my solution today to get the Newel posts where I want them was to turn them off so the railed balusters are floating in air then I manually placed newels approximating [I seriously HATE approximating anything when we should be able to place things exact in the computer] their locations. Is there another easier way to achieve this? Preferably a setting within the stair tool itself that I haven't found yet? Thank you all! Kt on X12
  8. Thank you for the update, urbnsr! And the suggestion, Rpadge. I swapped computers with this user so she could continue working [deadlines are short lately] and she hasn't had a complete lockup *yet*, though it is taking a bit longer to open materials and other libraries. I'm on the new computer today to try to suss out what's going on. If it kicks up again then I'll try turning off anti-virus and see if that resolves it. Of course it has to happen when deadlines are at their shortest Kt
  9. urbnsr, Were you able to resolve this issue? We have a brand new computer with less than 16 hours of Chief use on it that's freezing up sporadically. I've done many things including going to the extent of doing a factory reset, which worked for about 10 hours of use. Any insight will be helpful before I take the step, and time, to reach out to tech support will be helpful. Thank you! Katy Alienware Aurora R11 desktop: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700F CPU, 32GB, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, Windows 10 Home, 1TB hard drive
  10. Link to job posting: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/0c247248 Daniels Design & Remodeling in Fairfax, VA is looking for an interior designer, preferably with Chief Architect rendering experience, to fill an in-house position. You must be local so you can attend meetings at the homes and with business partners. If you're interested, please email your resume directly to heidi@danielsremodeling.com.
  11. I'm back with a request for opinions please ......... I have my list narrowed down to 3 laptops. All 3 are processor i7-10750H, graphics RTX 2070 Max-Q, NVMe SSD, and 16Gb RAM [which I'm certain I can expand on 2 and assume I can on the other one]. In order of price, from least to more: Dell G5 (model gn5500ehwkh) from Dell, Acer Predator Helios 300 (model PH317-54-70ED) from Costco, and MSI GS66 Stealth (model GS66005) from Best Buy. The only other big difference between them, as far as I can tell, is that the Acer Predator is 17" screen [with weight to go with it] while the Dell & MSI are 15.6". Oh, and the Dell has 512Gb SSD while the other two are 1Tb [I currently have that size drive but am only using 120Gb]. Any and all thoughts will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance,
  12. Thank you, Mark! I had seen your post about 'notebookreview' and the most current info I could find is 2017. I'll try again; maybe I was in the wrong place. How I'll use the machine is everything & anything as well, lol. I'm learning CA as I go and use the cameras a lot. Rendering will be used, once I have a computer than can handle it. I'll also be using vanilla-AutoCAD for other work, but that's way less intense than CA cameras & rendering. I need to be mobile or else I'd go desktop. I'm thinking to go RTX2070 or better [i.e. Max, Super] and i7-10th gen or better. I'm on the fence about 15.6" or 17" - my current is 15.6" and works fine, but I'm not averse to a 17" [which usually has 10-key with the keyboard] except for the weight. And I'm aiming for M2-SSD. Most of my stuff is cloud kept so I don't need a lot of space but I know it can impact performance; I've had this computer at least 4 years and am using less than 120Gb out of 1Tb. I don't know what else to focus on to make a choice, besides price.
  13. Hello all, I need a new laptop much sooner than later. I've been researching and looking at all the options and frankly it's all starting to look the same. I know some brands are 'better' than others, but does it just come down to whether you prefer Chevy or Ford? What do I stay away from? I'm finding a 17" w/i7-10th gen and RTX 2070 Max that costs less than a 15.3" w/seemingly the same specs. I'd like to keep the cost under $1500 but can flex some; I need it to last a few years. Any advice for the weary and decision-frozen? Thank you for your thoughts, Kt
  14. DK, Can I ask where you got it and cost? I'm hunting at the moment. Cheers, Kt
  15. I haven't watched any videos yet; I've only seen 'hints' about it in the forum. We're working on improving our systems and I've seen lots of comments about needing a different of graphics card. This has me wondering if we should be prepared in the next couple months or the next couple years. It looks like lately CA has been releasing mid-year every year?
  16. Hello, Is there a way to get CA to skip numbers in a Cabinet Schedule? I'm trying to get the circled numbers on the cabinet layouts to match the numbers that will be on the boxes when they're delivered to the site. Oftentimes there's additional line items that are in the middle of the order that I don't need labeled on the plan so I need to skip those numbers. TIA! Kt [using Premier X12]