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  1. at the bottom of your library browser are 7 child buttons. hover over the right one ( preferences) and click. uncheck the "hide selection" "hide preview" boxes
  2. Hi Gang, Just wanted to thank you all for working so hard trying to help me resolve this issue! I hope eventually I may stumble on the solution, until then I will deal with it. Thanks!
  3. No luck. I am stumped. Still dropping random text. 5 trys resetting dim defaults, always different drops. Calling it quits for the night.
  4. This is an interesting read If the project is a reno, addition or resto this is a fairly good plan disclaimer we developed >
  5. Agree. When I click > its a dimension line. No idea why its dropping random dim texts to centerline when I "cad detail from view"
  6. Agree with above You may not have enough overhang on roof plane. Also make sure your active layer set control is displaying all roof elements. You can use the active set "all on" to see.
  7. Here is an easy way. From floor plan view locate and highlite your roof plane and use display one floor up (at bott task bar) to move roof plane up to attic. Use circle tool and align a circle (you choose circle size) at bott corner of roof where you want the rounded clip. Highlite roof plane, choose break line tool (again bott task bar) be sure to click stay in this mode thumbtack, and create a series of break lines at this rounded corner. 6 or so should work. Clear out of break mode. again highlite roof plane, zoom to roof corner, pull breake lines around circle. They should snap to circle radius. Take a full render camera view. If it looks choppy on the radius you created add more break lines.
  8. There, thats what I was trying to load
  9. Oh I use the 3D features, working thru design with clients but 2D for construction plans. Using cad detail from view worked fine with my previous versions. May be a glitch. Guess I will just have to keep moving the random affected Jay.pdfdim texts manually.
  10. Yeah. Run into that a lot. In the past I've used standard palette colors because they rendered better than manufacturer catalogue choice.
  11. Method 1 - Thats pretty much my format. When the design is complete I cad the floor plans and elevations using "detail from view". Then I work thru my customized active layer displays to produce framing plans, section thrus etc... then cad these using "detail from view", then send each cad detail from project browser/cad details to its respective page of my layout template. Then I just work the layout pages one by one, importing my blocked cad notes and detail blocks from user library exploding/editing/using what I need,dumping what I don"t. Thank you for plan kudo"s. Keeping it simple. Contains only whats required by code.
  12. Glad to hear you issue is resolved. Adding terran area over glitchy items worked for me in the past. Found that in working with elevation data less is more. Also never noticed much difference between standard renders VS physical based renders. Maybe just me.
  13. Thanks Joey for response. I do this for a few reasons. One is to keep a record of client changes within the same plan file. Usually many changes take place. Another is I have accumulated hundreds of notes that I cut and paste into the cad details. See sample plan below. I use to work with an old timer who hand drew his plans. He cut and pasted a lot. HILAIRE STAMPED PLAN PDF 1-17-20.pdf
  14. Hoprfully someone can help me resolve this issue.
  15. Try placing an elevation region over these areas.
  16. Did you set any elevation data such as points or lines?
  17. From pull down menu. Click Edit. Click Edit Defaults. Follow snips attached. You can set all your locate objects settings.
  18. Heres your answer. See snip attached. Also link to NY State residrntial bldng code pdf > Residential Code of New York State.pdfNy Code is mostly plagurization of IBC which states that all grades must be a minimum 2% slope away from structures. So 2% slope at your garage entry.
  19. Within the last few years I have purchased and upgraded two stations of Chief V10. I am a 15 year professional user of Chief Architect and love the software but this isue s baffling me. When I create my cad floor plans using "CAD Detail From View" a random amount of the "dimension text positions" center the text on the dimension line. My default is set to 1/4" dimension which are set to dimension above line. See snip attached. I have to keep manually moving the affected dims text to above the line. This has been an issue thru many projects. I have tried changing setting many times to no avail. As I stated above I have 2 stations using ChiefV10 and it happens on both stations and all plans. Is there a setting I am missing? My format for producing my final building plans is to create cad drawing of floor plans and elevations using "cad detail by view". Having to manually move the random dimension texts back to above the lines is very time consuming. This never happened on any previous versions I have used in the past. Anybody have a fix for this? Thanks! Also Chief V x10 MS WIN home10 AMD A10-7850K with radeon R7 graphic 8.00 GB