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  1. Hi, I originally used my attic wall to provide the necessary heel height for my trusses. It served its purpose, but I recently edited the wall heights on the first two floors, unfortunately in reducing the wall heights by 2 or so inches it just expanded the attic height keeping the roof at the same overall height. I would like to just keep everything as is and drop the attic height (or in this case my heel) back to a 12" height, dropping the roof back down and lowering the overall height by that same 2 inches I mentioned earlier. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to proceed without rebuilding the roof? Thanks
  2. Update, when furring out the basement walls this made matters worse. If anyone has any recommendations on how to address these issues would be appreciated. Mod Farm House.plan
  3. Hi, I've been noticing some funky stuff happening in my stairwell (photos and plan attached). I'm wondering if there is a tried and true method to ensuring your stair well is set up properly. Thanks in advance Mod Farm House.plan
  4. Thanks for the replies from everyone, I have attached the manual and auto built roofs. As you can see the auto built roof contours the house but I am trying to have a continuous over hang which I don't is optimally achieved using auto build. My manual built is close to being functional if I could get the two roof lines to integrate. Auto Built.plan Manual Built.plan
  5. I have watched several videos but nothing really speaks to specifically cutting one roof into another. I was just able to get fascia and eaves to show properly along with with manually building the attic walls so they close the gap. Just need to find a way to join the two roofs.
  6. I have tried but it doesn't produce what I am trying to accomplish.
  7. I manually built two gable roofs and joined them at the same roofline. The second roof line isn't fully integrating into the first, as shown in the attached photo the main roofline is fully roofed underneath the existing roof. I am not sure if the original issue of having the two rooflines integrate is causing the fascia and eavestrough to not show up on the exterior or not. I have built attic walls in and effort to close the gaps as well. Any suggestions are appreciated. Premier X11 is being used.