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  1. It appears that the second floor room's Floor Structure is different than the default, in that the OSB layer is marked as the framing layer and the Fir Framing layer isn't. Checking the "Default" checkbox (which HumbleChief mentioned) has the Floor Structure match what the defaults are set to, which has the layers swapped for which is marked as Framing. Either checking the "Default" checkbox to utilize the default layers, or changing which layers are framing layers in the Floor Structure of the second floor room has the floor framing use the other layer to generate framing for. Hope that helps!
  2. Automatic Platform Framing has been changed in X13 to follow the Platform Framing style of building more closely than mixing together both platform and balloon framing styles. If an open below section is partially along an edge of the platform, then we'll have the rim joist extend the entire length of this edge. This is where the behavior has changed from prior versions, where we used to always balloon frame along any open below sections that were inline with a platform edge. If the open below section spans the entire length of the platform edge, then we still do balloon framing, if the "Allow Automatic Balloon Framing" checkbox is enabled in the Build Framing Dialog. If the checkbox is disabled, then we'll insert rim joists in this section to match with the rest of the platform framing style. With "Allow Automatic Balloon Framing" On: With "Allow Automatic Balloon Framing" Off: If you wish to do balloon framing for only a section of the wall, this can still be achieved with the Platform Intersections controls within the Wall Specification, where you can set specific walls to balloon framing through the ceiling or floor. On one of the walls going alongside the open below, you can break the wall so a section of it is only going across the open below, set this section to "Balloon Through Floor Below", and you'll get the balloon framing along that section of the platform. If you would like the program to work differently to this new behavior, then please submit a feature request. Hope that helps!
  3. Definitely a strange truss being generated, haven't seen one build like that before. Seems like it's related to the problem described in another other thread recently, but what makes it seem different is that the truss enters and exits the lower roof. If you pull back the lower roof and regenerate the truss, it builds properly (after rebuilding the truss the roof can be moved back into place). Sounds like you're already sending in a report on it, which is good so we can look into it further.
  4. Hi Bill, The cause of the lockup seems to be a roof plane that only consists of a single line. Upon removing the plane, Chief is able to frame the roofs properly. Despite that, it shouldn't lock up like it is, so it'll be addressed in a future update.