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  1. Here are Gene's instructions copied from the retired forums: "Got a solution. Install the flush pull in the door in Sketchup, and then save and import the .skp symbol, with its pull already there. Put your pull on the L side of the door to make this work right, as shown in the overhead view of the .skp model. Hey, Chief, fix this, will ya? Pocket doors need pulls, and while you are fixing it, add a couple of different kinds. One, the kind that wraps the edge of the slab, another, one that installs flush into the middle of the face of the stile. We know you cannot recess them flush into the door, but you can surely fake something." Original thread: Pocket doors will not display hardware - X6 The link may break when CA updates the web address for the old forums.
  2. Hi Steve, What model number is your iMac and what version of OS X are you running? Click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner and select about this Mac. This will show the OS version. Then click on the More Info... button to get to the model number.
  3. Here is another thread with different solutions:
  4. Good all has you covered. The Glass Block Windows post there has a few approaches to this.
  5. Perry is correct, you will need to use a wall type that includes an insulation layer. That is the only way to specify if a wall has insulation or not.
  6. Yes, MS needs to address this at the OS level and they should have done this long time ago whenever they introduced file preview in the explorer. Other OSs deal with this much better. In OS X you can even rename or move an open file without any issues. If you overwrite an open PDF file you can see the changes in the PDF right away without closing and reopening the file.
  7. Yes, the new Mac Pro does not fit everyone's needs and some software packages don't take advantage of it's strengths. Architosh just released a good article as a buyer's guide for those trying to decide between the new Mac Pro and an iMac. Another extensive Mac Pro review was recently done by Ars Technica.
  8. I find it very beneficial to keep all original packaging and accessories in a tidy condition. Most Apple hardware has a really good resale value and this makes the sale and shipping of the product that much easier when you are ready to upgrade.
  9. Includes CA v.7, v.8, v.X1 and X2 Purchase my X2 License for $1,000 and save $300 on a X6 purchase. I will pay the $50 License Transfer Fee. If interested, send me a message through my profile. List of items included in the sale: Chief Architect Version 7.0 Software (1 CD) Tutorial (2 CDs) Chief Architect Version 8.0 Parallel Hardware Lock Software CD Tutorial CD Getting Started Guide (Optional - Will only ship at buyers expense) Reference Manual (Optional - Will only ship at buyers expense) Chief Architect Version X1 Software DVD USB Hardware Lock Reference Manual (Optional - Will only ship at buyers expense) Chief Architect Version X2 License Only - Upgradable to X6 (Windows and Mac) Kind regards, Radek