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  1. AlwaysEastern

    CA to Collada to Lumion

    Which version of Lumion are you using? I agree with Justin, but I believe that is only for versions 6 & 7. For later Lumion versions you may be able to export to Sketchup then to Lumion
  2. AlwaysEastern

    X9 Catalog links keep downloading to X8 version

    Thanks Joe!
  3. How do I get X9 catalogs to download to X9 version. Seems like a simple task...Right? All X9 catalogs download to X8
  4. Yeh, thanks Perry. Chief is having a hard time making accurate connections with specific dimensions mostly for short segments of wall. Longer wall segments of my 10" stud wall with 90 degree turns are no problem. I can live with the framing being wrong, but missing drywall and walls in wrong places make it time consuming and frustrating to chase every wall connection. If I get one wall to look good, then the other wall I fixed prior reverts back.
  5. I want to build 8" & 10" stud walls, with 5/8 drywall - overall interior walls width's would end up at 9 1/4" & 11 1/4". These walls are sporadic through the plan with 2x4 wall 16OC being the majority of walls. I have tested: furred walls a wall with two 3.5 studs with air gap between 8" and 10" studs I have also drawn out 2x4 stud walls to make with returns to make the width's I need which has way too many unspecified rooms. Ideally, I would want to build one wall with two 3.5" studs and 3" air gap between. Depending on the conditions with other walls, this results in a 65% success rate in getting correctly framed connections and room/plan dimensions that I want. I either get unrealistic framing connections even though playing with wall layers and build through tools. Walls will also snap longer or shorter than wanted or end walls or wall connections have visible studs in 3D views in certain conditions. These walls do however show nicely in plan view if they dimension to the right spots. I have played with general wall defaults, the wall structure tab, and edit wall layer section tool. None of which have given 100% results. Does anyone have suggestions or results they can share? X9 8 & 10 wall test
  6. AlwaysEastern

    Frieze boards

    Eric, I was actually able to get it to work by ballooning just as you stated. My original problem had boxed eaves and a crown molding below on gables and eaves. Chief support stated: "I tried this in X7 and it did the same thing. The issue seems to be specific to the boxed eaves. I believe the program is not mitering the eaves correctly."
  7. AlwaysEastern

    Frieze boards

    I have had that happen to me before. I sent to Chief Jan 2016. There was no solution. Here is a portion of their response "I will report this to our developers so that they are aware of the issue, and maybe they can fix it in a future update/release."
  8. AlwaysEastern

    Kitchen Sample from GTM 217

    Thanks Mark, Your insight and experience with cabinets is invaluable.
  9. AlwaysEastern

    Layout sheet index format question

    Is there a way to add separations and sub-titles similar to the image attached while using Chief's layout page index schedule?
  10. AlwaysEastern

    Ray trace help needed...

    Turned off outside environment light. Ambient occlusion 0.1 - 10.0. Direct sunlight intensity 10.0. Photon mapping on/no caustics. Didn't change your materials settings.
  11. AlwaysEastern

    dimensioning weirdness

    Based on your image - it looks like your three dimension string has gaps between the washer and dryer and the right wall. Check your dimension defaults. You may have it set to pick up the sides of the fixtures, furnture, etc.
  12. AlwaysEastern

    Still get warning about using Chief Beta version?

    X8 Template folder is correct. There is no sign of a Beta folder. Since I don't use Chief's templates, I am going to save a new X8 default plan template and call it a day. When X9 comes a long I will make sure to delete any versions of the Beta before installing new. Thanks for the help Alan!
  13. AlwaysEastern

    Still get warning about using Chief Beta version?

    Ok, thanks Alan. I have never changed my new plan default. I open my templates from "open plan". I use the "new plan" for creating symbols or testing out workarounds etc. I checked some of Chief's templates and they all give the same warning. Somehow Chief X8 Data/Templates are all from the old X8 beta version. What does your "Date modified" show for any of your Chief templates. Mine show they are from November 2015. Getting late - calling it quits for now - hopefully you did the same
  14. AlwaysEastern

    Still get warning about using Chief Beta version?

    If I am opening a New plan (cntrl+N) - that's when it happens. If I open a previously saved X8 template plan or plan then I don't get the message.
  15. AlwaysEastern

    Still get warning about using Chief Beta version?

    Thanks Lew, I figured. Now go to bed - it's 12AM on the right coast.