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  1. Mystery Solved. PICNIC problem... ::facepalm:: Clearly I wasn't working at 100% yesterday... @ChopsawThank you!!
  2. @Chopsaw Thanks for helping me troubleshoot! I've sent them all to layout... going to delete them from layout and resend...
  3. Also, hijacking my own thread by saying that I can't remember how to update my signature...
  4. Ok, that's what I thought too, but none of the others show the name. How the heck did I turn that on?
  5. Has anyone seen this before? All of a sudden, a few of my elevation markers have gone gigantic. They are the same as the others, I changed nothing. When I opened the file today they looked like this. Happens in all plan views. I'm guessing it's a glitch, hoping I don't just need to delete them and redo. Any ideas appreciated! TIA! X14
  6. DesignerAnnilee

    Annilee Waterman

    Interior & Exterior Renderings, modeled in Chief Architect, rendered in Lumion
  7. I thought this was strange too, definitely something to be addressed, as sometimes it's hard to see.