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  1. SIDE NOTE: It would be nice if we had Audo Fill defaults. Unless we do and I just dont know how it works.
  2. Make a mark (cad line) on the sheet so that it will show up in your index. Then when you go to print you just specify the sheets you want to print.
  3. Thank you sir! I really appreciate that. Not sure why I didnt think of that.
  4. Im having trouble getting the deck planks to display on the deck next to the pool. Plan is attached. Any help would be appreciated. Im sure its something simple that Im over looking but now I'm just getting frustrated. The decking should all be grey Deck.zip
  5. Thank you Michael, I will exsplore that a little later today. Sounds like something I need to get familiar with anyway.
  6. I really like that framing over lay with the shoe adjustment!
  7. Can this video be downloaded? It keeps buffering and its very frustrating to sit and wait for it.
  8. I think I will be patient and wait. Im sure they will send me an email before it exspires. Thank You
  9. My SSA expires Jun 5, 2022. I tried to renew it but it doesnt give me the option. Is it to early?
  10. Thank you for the great video! Im sure it will come in handy for future pools. I ended up doing it the hard way with individual bricks for a more realalistic look. I was having trouble getting the right brick size and the aspect ratio to stay the same with other tools, such as the molding polyline and countertop tool. Im not designing a pool, this one is existing, we are just changing out the coping and surrounding pool deck. Thank You
  11. Im trying to create this brick coping around a pool. Couldnt find any instruction of how to do it. Everything at this point is just built out of concrete slabs and I cant seem to get any control over the size of the brick and the direction of the brick. Would appriciate any direction someone can give to help. Thank you!
  12. For job building data that I submit to the city. I use poly lines. Much easier to see exactly what is being calculated and its automatic calculations with using macros.
  13. To me it seems silly to include the stair area for both floors but I dont make the rules.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up. Was wondering if I miss read it
  15. I agree with Joe Carrick and I add this: I always check to see if Im close on the square footage after I do the as-built just to see if I may have someing wrong but most of the time is pretty close. I also always jut put in what is recorded becasue I dont want to open a can of worms and try to fix it becasue its a waste of time. On the new area I calculate to exterior of the framing as per required by the cities that I work in. Note: Unlike Joe I dont measure to the exterior finish, I measure to the exterior rough framing for square footage. It's funny how this doesnt seem to be a standard accross the board with all cities and architects.
  16. You may want to make sure you have the latest update for March for your X13 just in case. It cleared up a couple of issues I have having with the sections not showing things properly like the slab and flooring for example.
  17. I would like to build an abbreviations list using a text box. I couldn’t find anything that I could use to sort the list alphabetically as I build it. Do I have to use a macro or is there another way to do this? Help is appreciated
  18. I would suggest just to create the 3D view of the Califonia tie-in once and use it as a reference detail instead of recreating it on every job. The important thing is that you have the detail to show what its supposed to look like to the framer so he knonws how to build it. Thats what all details are used for and why they are called details. Sections and elevations just gives you a conceptual over all view of the whole picture. Its not meant to be as a detail for building. Work arounds are usually more of a wasit of time then they are a help unless you have a specific use for what you are doing. Also, you want to make sure you are getting paid for all that time you put into it if the cient is demading a certain view. My opinion for what its worth
  19. The main thing to do is to stop as much splash and water pooling as you can.
  20. If I use the snipping tool to paste an image on my layout plan, how can I save it to my library? Any help would be appreciated
  21. I placed it on the wall, adjusted the height and then I drug it out to the face of the soffit.