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  1. We are a high end coastal design build firm, located in south eastern Massachusetts, looking for a talented individual to assist in taking conceptual plans to construction docs. Must be fluent in X12 and have a portfolio of completed projects and plans. Local code knowledge is a plus. Typically we have our plans redlined by engineers and then we will update plans from there. Fun and challenging projects.
  2. Hi Michael

    I use version 10 and have plans for a 600 SF Main House with a 15 00 SF barn. The property is too wet to sink the foundation in all the way so we are going to bring in fill.  The topo is fairly comprehensive  just need someone to finesse this...and maybe give my plan a couple of tweaks.


    I have to have one more meeting with my client and then I will send to you for estimate on what it would take for you to put it together.


    Thanks for the quick response

    Peter Stames

    1. MPDesign


      Sounds good Peter, my direct email is:

      thank you


  3. peat921

    Terrain help needed

    I have to structures going on a single property and I need help generating the terrain. It will be based off of a topographical survey that I have in hand. Who can help gernerate the terrain and place the structures accurately . Let me know. Thanks
  4. We could use some help with getting our plans to permit ready. Let me know what you charge? Peter
  5. peat921


    I am interested in what you charge for estimating? What part of the country you're located in? How long it takes to turn it around?
  6. peat921

    Terrain Assistance

    Looking for someone to take topographic site plance and turn them into terrains so we can place projects in.
  7. peat921

    Providing service for all your needs

    Looking for someone to convert PDF set of plans to Chief. Can you help?
  8. peat921

    Providing service for all your needs

    Looking for someone to convert PDF set of plans to Chief. Can you help?
  9. peat921

    Chief Architect Help!

    David I am an experienced Chief User since 1990 but I lack time as I am a builder as well. I am looking for someone to convert a set of PDF drawings to Chief. I can email them. I don't need anything more than the envelope and interior walls. Accurate windows and doors. No need for framing or other details. Can you help?