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  1. fcwilt

    Roof Issue

    That makes sense. I think I can sort it out. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Can someone explain what is causing this? Can it be fixed? Thanks.
  3. I thought I would try putting in a temporary beam to get the wall framing right and then remove the beam and adjust the posts. That works fine for straight walls but not curved walls.
  4. That is what I was asking about. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Is there anyway to get the auto wall framing feature to respect the existence of posts (or posts with footers) that are located within the wall? Thanks.
  6. Many thanks all who responded!
  7. It's not a big deal as I don't use non-library doors. The issue of the source of the color is just one of those curious things in Chief Architect. I setup a test plan with some very obvious bold colors for various defaults to see where they ended up. Materials - Door (Exterior) set to RED Materials - Door (Interior) set to GREEN Materials - Exterior Trim set to BLUE Materials - Room Molding set to YELLOW Materials - Window Sash set to PURPLE Window - Exterior Sash set to ORANGE I verified that all door and window objects were using
  8. Yes indeed. I expected a hierarchy something like the simplified diagram below: Instead there is something less "structured". Library Doors appear to inherit from Materials: Doors (Interior), Doors (Exterior), Exterior Trim and Room Molding Non-library Doors appear to inherit a surface color of Bone from somewhere but I have not found it yet. Windows appear to inherit from Materials: Window Sash, Exterior Trim and Room Molding with exterior sash color set directly in the Window defaults. Unlike Doors which have default settings for different types of doors (hinged
  9. I verified that new plans would use that template and created a new plan. Under defaults for Materials there is Door (Interior), Door (Exterior), Exterior Trim but no Interior Trim. Testing reveals that Room Molding controls the trim for interior doors. Thanks. Frederick
  10. Hi, Using X12. I cannot understand the material hierarchy for doors (and other things as well). I would expect to see in defaults a place to define materials for a basic interior door and exterior door. Then all other door types, like slider (either interior or exterior), would descend from them, material wise. But that doesn't seem to be the case. For example there is a default item under "Materials" for "Doors (Interior)" and "Doors (Exterior)". In this case are they talking about interior and exterior doors
  11. Glad to hear that. And I understand there are lots of folks who don't understand the serious nature of the problem. My own family members and friends ask me to make copies of CD/DVDs for them and I have to explain why I won't do that. The one thing I don't understand is with all the "cracked" programs available out there how the DRM systems are doing much good.
  12. I wonder if that evidence was provided by the makers of DRM products.
  13. I use a number of programs that have various forms of "license enforcement" built in to them - some bad - some not so bad. And ALL of the schemes have been hacked and there are places to go where you can downloaded a hacked copy. I never have because there are usually trial versions available which allowed me to test the program and decide to purchase it. And I think most professionals are going to "follow the rules" in the long run. The "bad guys" could care less about right/wrong and are going to hack the system, perhaps just to show they can. The companies that really rile m